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C.J. Findley Backstory

Christopher James Findley was born to parents Sarah Powell and Andrew Findley. His parents were young when he was born, only 20 and 21 years old. They married just before he was born and they divorced about a year later. Andrew left the home and was hardly ever seen again. Over the years Sarah would’ve attempted to get child support from him but was hardly ever successful.   As an infant, C.J. was happy and grew and followed the normal pace that infants do. Never really falling behind his peers. It wasn’t until he was a child that he started realizing his family situation was not the same as other children in school. During childhood, C.J. was tempestuous. Due to their lower socio economic status he was made fun of at school and constantly bullied. His Aunt, an art teacher began to teach him how to paint and draw and they found he had real talent. They would attempt to use this to curb his anger and while it worked for the most part he would still get in constant fights with the other boys in school.   The problem escalated to the point that when C.J. was nine years old, he was temporarily removed from school and his Aunt and Mother had to home school him. He returned for fifth grade and managed to stay in school for the rest of the time. His anger and fighting curbed off slightly after that, until he was twelve, when a particular fight […]

C.J. Findley February 15, 2016 February 15, 2016 backstory
Social Work Casefile Skeleton

Casefile Number : @@@DDMMYYYYHALA (3 letters differentiate between law and social, date and location) Client Name: Purpose of Claim: (child welfare, adult welfare and reasoning) Case Particulars: (information regarding case) Declared Outcome: (What is occurring with the claim/case) Followup Information: (Are there need for referring to law/therapy) Referrals: (CS members needed to become involved)

dharyus-resident April 21, 2015 April 21, 2015
Law Casefile Skeleton

Case file Number : ###DDMMYYYYHALA (This would start with a 3 digit number, the originating case request date, and the HALA for the city and state zoning) Plaintiff : Name of client. Defendant : Name of perp. Case Particulars: Information of case, evidence, and desired outcome. Witness List: Anyone else involved to be called in for deposition or evidence. Staff involved: Any CS members involved in the case.    

dharyus-resident April 21, 2015 April 21, 2015
Q-T roleplay event 4th of October 2014..

Time 12:40PM SLT scene goes i was driving stoned, slightly over the speed limit… in a world of my own i drive up to as far as the carpark there and some loony NPC driver speeds out of Kings Street here making me lose control… i spin and flip the car, not wearing a seatbelt im flung out of the windscreen and slide to here where the car lands on my leg.. My left leg is Severed and Amputated from the car crushing it… <NPC Jake Ronnalds>After getting off the phone with 911: Walks over to the car and turns off the engine, resulting in the smoke dying out and looks up to see a by stander and officer standing there… Mona (1monunka Resident) notice police officer at the wreck and in panic in her eays “Help please,help ,she is my friend,She is live save her please,please……” in panic and shout “Dont wait and do something!” then looks back at body her friend who laing under wreck… <NPC Jake Ronnalds> After turning off the engine and holding down on the girls leg a while his arms aching sees a girl standing nearby asks her to hold the leg… “Hey miss with the boots can you please take over here! I have to go…” The girl takes over and he gets up as an officer walks up… (NPC leaves the scene) Joanne Steel (joanne1979 Resident) reaches into her belt and takes out a pair of gloves and kneels down by the […]

Q-T Trinity October 5, 2014 October 5, 2014 Criminal Activity, Hospital Activity, Roleplay Event
Searching for her Parents

Searching for anyone who would like to be parents to add to her story, both parents are from crack den either married or not.  Also has a brother who she is searching for.  She currently resides in Dead End but her home originally is the crack den.

4Jada1980 Resident July 31, 2014 July 31, 2014 Parents
Deah’s Diary- 1st entry- Welcome to Haithian

Dear Diary, When I got out of Drea’s car I couldn’t believe what I was getting myself into, I probably should have followed Quinn when she decided to go to her grandma’s house in Bontom Estates. When I first got out, I got lost, could’ve sworn that I was going to get mugged more than once, and saw some voodoo girl get arrested and pepper sprayed in a pizza shop, I even went around town and put in job applications, trying to stay away from being a stripper but it seems to be calling my name, I signed up to be one anyways. I have a hard time learning. But, from the looks of this place, I had better start learning or my time here will be very little, with no trips to Disneyland. I hope these jobs pay well though, I need to rent an apt here because I think I slept in gang territory last night, and I guess tonight I can sleep in that diner down the street, Idk, wish this place had a homeless shelter…

Luna Haven June 3, 2014 June 3, 2014 Deah's Diary, Diary, Haithian Life
HPD Notices – October 2013

10/02/2013 – IC Municipal Calendar – Sent by: Windie Melody See attached- Bliour!   NC: Hello Everyone! Every employee of the HPD, FDH and HGH are invited to participate in the next upcoming fund-raising event! We will be putting together a 2014 Calendar of Hathian’s sexiest. The Calendar will be set to display HPD, FDH and HGH employee’s at their finest. But don’t worry, its all about the tease and there will be no full nudity! Spots in the Calendar are automatically reserved for the leads of each group. But don’t get discouraged, there are still plenty of other spaces for you to fill. Participants will be selected one of two ways depending on the number. If we have numerous volunteers, we will try our best to do group poses, however! If group poses are unattainable due to schedules, or we have a lot of volunteers we will put out a vote to the public to see who they want to see in the calendar. So How do I participate? Submit a notecard with your Bio! (Name, Age, Your Job and what you do there, and a few things about yourself) With a Picture showing off your stuff! Remember No Nudity! Well save the XXX Calendars for the Titty Twister and Valmont Productions 🙂 Submit your notecards to Bliour Michaels (Windie.Melody) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. ~Bliour   10/4/2013 – IC: Weather – Sent by: Windie Melody During this time, please make sure you […]

Bliour Michaels October 5, 2013 October 26, 2013
HPD Notices – September 2013

9/6/2013 – IC – Safety Awareness Day – Sent by: Windie Melody Our next scheduled event will be Saturday, September 14th from 4-8pm. Please read the attached notecard for details. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. ~Captain Michaels   NC: This coming Saturday (9/14) from 5-8pm SLT is the FDH’s scheduled Car wash. While the car wash is going on, HPD will be hosting a Safety awareness booth for Families to come by during the time. HPD will be giving instructions on how to properly call 9-1-1 as well as fingerprinting children and elderly with mental disabilities (if we ever have ay of those 😛 ) in the event they are lost to help identify them. HPD will also be handing out the “Junior Police Badges”. They can also take pictures with police officers, climb in the cars, along with the Fire engines etc. If you have any other ideas of what you would like to do, to help instruct safety related topics to those that come by the booth, please let me know.   9/8/2013 – OOC – Handling Prisoners – Sent by: Windie Melody When there are people currently in custody it is our responsibility as players to RP with them. We do not utilize NPC’s to rp with them unless we as players are already handling an RP with someone filing a report. Otherwise we need to take the time to make sure they get RP multiple times a day.  If you […]

Bliour Michaels September 14, 2013 October 5, 2013
HPD Notices – August 2013

8/3/13 – Municipal Fundraiser – Update (IC) – Sent by: Windie Melody Department Wide Email: HPD, FDH and HGH have come together to host a fundraising event for the Seaside Foundation. Our agencies will be hosting a formal dance and silent auction on August 10, 2013 from 10am-4pm. It will be held at the Fire Department Bay. All are welcome and encouraged to attend if at all possible. Please let me know if you have any questions ~Captain Michaels ((Please note the time change))   8/3/13 – Bail – Sent by: Benjamin Stoneage – Bail Policy Reminder — – Bail will be processed by officers or dispatchers working the front desk unless the arrest record has a HOLD placed by a Cpt. – Inmates who have had their bail processed will be released in a timely manner this does not necessarily mean immediately.. Questions above the above should be directed to myself or Cpt. Michaels.

Bliour Michaels August 7, 2013 August 7, 2013
HPD Notices – July 2013

07/04/2013 – Bomb Threats Lecture Series (IC Notice) – Sent by: Windie Melody To All Officer’s, You are invited to come and attend a lecture series that is being held at CU on Bomb Threat Investigations. This is a three part lecture series and will include hands on training. The first lecture will be hosted at CU, 2nd floor classroom; Saturday 7/6 @12pmSLT. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. ~Captain Michaels   7/6/2013 – Reminder: Bomb Threats Lecture 1 of 3 Today – Sent by: Windie Melody To All Officer’s, You are invited to come and attend a lecture series that is being held at CU on Bomb Threat Investigations. This is a three part lecture series and will include hands on training. The first lecture will be hosted today at CU, 2nd floor classroom; Saturday 7/6 @12pmSLT. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. ~Captain Michaels   7/7/2013 – Promotion (IC) – Sent by: Windie Melody Memo posted on the bulletin board for All Officers to see: Effective July 7, 2013 Corporal Ram Kone has been promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant. ~Captain Bliour Michaels   7/11/2013 – Bomb Threats Lecture Series 2 of 3 – Sent by: Windie Melody To All Officer’s, You are invited to come and attend a lecture series that is being held at CU on Bomb Threat Investigations. This is a three part lecture series and will include hands on training. The Second lecture […]

Bliour Michaels July 13, 2013 August 7, 2013
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