WKRK Position Descriptions

WKRK Position Descriptions

Getting music and entertainment out on the air takes a lot of hard work, whether it’s coming from a technological, commercial, or creative perspective. There are many roles available to pursue at WKRK.

STATION MANAGER – Market the services and products of a radio station, increasing brand awareness. Oversees employees and the day to day running of the radio station, setting the station objectives and motivating staff. Also helps create and schedule radio advertising and station promotions for the station, aiming to maximize revenue.
Currently: Perina McGinnis (General Manager)

RADIO DJ – The voice of a radio station or program that creates the tone and style of radio output. These people are also the on-air personality, the announcers and hosts of programs. They tend to be talkative and highly energetic in order to keep the audience engaged.

RADIO PRODUCER (NPC) – This person creates content and manages the whole radio production process for both live and recorded programs. Responsible for digging up, evaluating, and assigning news stories and creating content for the announcers and reporting staff to cover on air. Also responsible for supplying news content, and set and drive the news and entertainment agenda.

MAINTENANCE ENGINEER (NPC) – Responsible for maintenance, installation, and trouble-shooting of control consoles, computers, sound and recording equipment. In charge of making sure that the station has all the technology necessary to get the music out on the air, and that all the equipment related to broadcasting is working properly.

WKRK INTERN – Earn college credit while learning the ins and outs of radio. You’ll help set up at events, assist around the station, pass out flyers in town, & more!

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