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Our story begins on a forgotten curve of the Gulf – a dirty stretch of sand that seems to wash up more bodies than leaking barrels of oil. In 2005, Mother Nature had unleashed its wrath upon it.

The citizens of Hathian Parish fled as buildings fell and homes flooded. The screams and wailing from prison cells still haunt the guards who abandoned them when the waters began to rise.

The entire city had surrendered to chaos.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, neighboring cities like New Orleans shared the same fate. Looting, flooding, lack of services, no power, and the sharp rise in crime dominated news outlets around the world. It was every man for themselves …


Nearly two decades later, smokestacks stand silent over the city of Hathian, tourism and trade to the backwaters of Port Laveau diminished, and the cost of a college degree is ever cheaper at the local campus of Columtreal University.

Even now when someone goes missing anywhere east of the Mississippi, there is always a call put out to law enforcement in Hathian. Sometimes there’ll be a hit, sometimes there won’t, but it seems to keep Hathian from fading into complete obscurity.

But as the saying goes, “where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity…”

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The streets and corners of Hathian is a battleground for gangs who thrive on the addictions and vices that rule most homes. The local police, long steeped in corruption and brutality, hold a reputation as being the Den’s largest gang. Even businesses must succumb to back room dealings just to keep the lights on and the customers coming.

It’s not enough to just make ends-meet in this town … like the story of the South, it’s about the fight to rise.

Hathian Parish spans over several neighborhoods, each with their own unique features and businesses. Posters plastered around town call for new recruits in city departments and the hiring sign seems to always hang in front of local shops. From low income projects to vintage plantation homes on the outskirts of the city, citizens from all walks of life have wound up here with their own story to tell.

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