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Help Wanted Signs in Hathian Businesses Roleplay

Gein Burger
Berthier Bakery
Hathian Motors
Vudu Spice Shop
Hathian Hardware & Labor
Hathian XXX Shop
Master Bates Inn
Pie Hole Pizzeria
Super Chopsticks
Poison Apple Tattoo and Piercing Parlor
Rub N Tug
Hathian Theater
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
CD Clam Convenience
WKRK Radio Station
Rader Records
The Slab Butchery
Slim Goodies Diner
Columtreal University
Seaside School & Youth Center
24 Hour Pawn
Lous Bar
Bleu Wag Bistro
Hathian General Hospital
The Daily Grind
The Hathian Observer
Hathian Civil and Legal Services
Hathian Police Department
Titty Twister
Fire Department of Hathian (FDH)

Citizens may find jobs at one of the many establishments around the city. It’s an important first step into getting involved and introducing your character to the community. By working a job, you have a great opportunity to play immediately, learn by observation, make friends, and much more. Your time inside the business is also tracked passively and counts towards building your street cred!

How to Sign Up

Most businesses have an orange “For Hire” sign at the counter or on the window facing outside. Click on this sign to see the various entry level roles available, select the desired option, and you should receive an IM and an invite to the group with the appropriate group role/title made available to you.

You should also have access to the Employee Roster (a clipboard that should be located near the For Hire sign). Click on the clipboard object to launch the web-based roster which lists your accrued time at work, along with a listing of all other employees and group leads.

Get Involved

Don’t just spend your days standing behind a counter waiting for customers to come up and RP with you! Sometimes, it’ll take effort on your part to walk out and try to attract people into the business – perhaps role-play giving out free samples, incentives, or plan group events to lure people to the business.

We love fresh ideas and great attitudes – don’t hold back!

Managers Needed!

We always seem to have a few businesses that are in need of great leaders. Please see the listing below:

[MANAGER WANTED] Hathian Motors
[MANAGER WANTED] Hathian Hardware & Labor
[MANAGER WANTED] Jimmie's Chicken Shack

Get started with your own business…

You must find an available property in Hathian or acquire your own land in the Crack Den before submitting your proposal.

Hathian Businesses Map