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Earn chapters and connect with other players by working a job! Making ends meet for your character is important for story development and a great social activity to spark scenes.

XLearn more about official jobs available to you, including who to contact, which need leads, and if they are currently busy.

By City

  1. Jobs in Hathian

    Not far from New Orleans, Hathian is a sprawling town with run down buildings and home to businesses who are barely making ends meet. Find hundreds of roles in urban jobs across the city.

    Urban Businesses

  2. Jobs on Campus

    Columtreal University and the immediate town surrounding it is home to several businesses and on-campus services. Whether your a student or faculty, there’s a role out there for you.

    Campus Businesses

  3. Jobs in Backwaters

    The remote town of Port Laveau, or more commonly called the Backwaters, is home to the most corrupt in society. A dark shadow casts the businesses as rumors of organized crime and voodoo cultism allow them to thrive.

    Dangerous Businesses

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