The university town and campus feature a number of official businesses for both students and faculty to work at. Get a job instantly to earn chapters, cred, and meet other players!

XThe green beacon indicates an active employee may be available now; the people count indicates active employees the past week. Use the “Map” link to open the World Map and find the location on sim.

Campus Services

  1. Witch Way Alley

    Steps from Columtreal University, the enigmatic Witch Way Alley beckons. Masking its secrets with an apothecary's facade and exotic trinkets, it's whispered to be a nexus for voodoo and shadowy rites.

    Lead: Rhavin Sinister | Map | 3
  2. Medical Clinic

    STD testing isn't the only thing common on this campus. Medical staff here can log charts like the hospital!

    Lead: sophiahannibal Resident | Map | 3
  3. Grinders Dispensary

    Come sell alternative medicine on campus! Artisanal cannibis in all forms are sold here.

    Lead: MarkRoberts2022 Resident | Map | 2
  4. Campus Police

    Campus safety is a priority, but only when politics seemed to be involved. Patrol to make sure the trouble stays ON campus.

    Lead: Minx Whiskers | Map | 11
  5. Campus Paper

    Write articles or take photography of life on campus for the university paper!

    Lead: Sabrina Morningstar | Map | 3

Food & Drinks

  1. Super Chopsticks

    Where do all the stray pets go? Join us and find out.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 0
  2. Rock Hard Boba

    Sell the latest fad on campus - bubble tea! The campus just can't seem to get enough of these juicy balls in their mouths.

    Lead: LucienLevesque Resident | Map | 2
  3. Murphys Pub

    Alcohol on campus ... what can go wrong?! Murphys is always looking for staff to keep the cheap drinks flowing and the puke off the dance floor.

    Lead: Shiloh Darkrose | Map | 5
  4. Get Woke Coffee

    Coffee, cheaper than adderall! Rumor is there is more than one way to make a drink dirty in this joint. Find out!

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 5
  5. Bleu Wag Bistro

    Host students and faculty at this jazzy bistro right on campus!

    Lead: JasminSantanna Resident | Map | 2