Combat Guide

Combat between players in Crack Den is done in detailed emotes without the aid of scripted weapons or systems.

When writing posts for a combat scene, please consider the following:

  • Posts detailing your attacks must always be written as an attempt, allowing the opponent to decide whether they will take the hit or not.
  • Fights against the police often end in their favor; plan on defeat. Afterall, the street cred gained from such an interaction will ultimately be better.
  • Track the order of posts between the players in a scene. Only post when it is your turn.
  • Plan on getting hurt. Role-play is not about winning or losing; combat scenes are great ways to seed more opportunities to role-play with other characters like medical staff or planning revenge stories.
  • Take 2-3 separate posts to draw a hidden weapon and ready it in-hand for combat. Describing multiple actions and maneuvers in a single post may be considered powergaming. It’s good practice not to do more than two moves (defensive or offensive) in one emote.
  • Don’t be a ninja and always play fair. If your character has physical advantages (large or tall physique), balance them with a weakness that is articulated to others by weaving it into posts.

Good Examples

/me approached the man with that baseball bat down by his side. “Hey you!” he barked almost immediately to get the man’s attention. “This is my fuckin corner.” As he quickly approached his target, he then raised his bat, clasping his free hand around the base, readying himself for a swing.

Notice, that the bat is clearly visible to the opponent and the threat is established up front.

/me had decided that physical violence was the only way to resolve the turf dispute. With a sneer, he pulls his arm back, aimed for man’s torso, and gave it his all. The bat swung with fierce intensity.

Notice, the post stopped short of predicting if the opponent got hit; it’s up to them to respond whether or not they were hit.