Factions in Backwaters

Welcome to the heart of Backwaters, where every whispered legend and shadowed corner tells a tale of power, intrigue, and the unique aura that envelopes Laveau. Before embarking on the creation of your own faction, delve into the threads that set Laveau distinctly apart from the urban chaos of the Crack Den.

The Essence of Laveau

Laveau is not merely a geographic pin on a map; it is an enigma. Deep within the Louisiana bayous, distanced from the bustle of Hathian, Laveau thrives on mysteries and tales that few dare to voice aloud. The town’s foundation, soaked in history and legend, has withstood nature’s wrath and humanity’s darker inclinations. Yet, it’s this very tapestry of challenges and resilience that gives birth to the factions of the Backwaters.

Known Factions

🔥 The Salopri

In Laveau's hushed corners, tales of masked figures and moonlit rites entwine. Whispers of secret covens, unsolved disappearances, and underground rituals circulate. Some call them witches. Others, worse. Yet all agree, nothing eludes The Salopri's gaze. Merely rumors... or are they?

🔥 Execration

Execration, veiled in the guise of a bait shop, delves into dark Vudou, sacrificing outsiders to ancient swamp spirits. Their sinister path, marked by organ trafficking and remorseless violence, thrives on fear and power. Known as The Curse or The Outer Shadow, they ruthlessly pursue dominance, leaving no room for mercy.


Dealing in human traffiicking and espionage, Hydra is a dangerous organization that wreaks havoc on Laveau, using their extensive voodoo connections and espionage skills to maintain their power over the town and its citizens.

🔥 The Bowies

Specialists in extortion, importing, and blackmail, this group is steeped in Irish tradition and is not afraid to resort to violence to protect what belongs to them.

Lawless Frontier

While the Crack Den vibrates with the dynamic tension of street gangs, skirmishes with the law, and the gritty reality of urban survival, Laveau croons a haunting, mesmerizing lullaby. Here, factions don’t merely seek power; they resonate with traditions, ancient rituals, and the undulating rhythm of the bayou.

The sheriff’s department in Laveau isn’t just a pillar of authority. They’re the backbone, the strong arm of the Silent Serpents cartel, upholding an equilibrium that is both delicate and domineering.

Each faction, from sinister cults to organized crime families, is affiliated with a business front to help traffic the lost.

Creating Your Faction in Laveau

Carving a niche for your faction in Laveau mandates a deep understanding and alignment with the town’s core elements:

Deep-Rooted History

Factions in Laveau aren’t recent establishments; they are legends in the making. Your backstory should merge seamlessly with the town’s myths, its past ordeals, and its enduring spirit.

Trade & Traffic

At the heart of many factions lies commerce—licit or otherwise. What is the lifeblood of your faction’s operations? What existing business front do you wish to take over or get affiliated to serve as a home base? Does it thrive on the trafficking of illicit substances, echoing Laveau’s notorious reputation? Or perhaps they deal in information, playing the dangerous game of secrets and whispers. Whether it’s the trade of rare artifacts tied to Laveau’s ancient rituals or the more ominous trafficking of souls lost in the town’s underbelly, define your faction’s trade clearly.

Mysticism & The Supernatural

Laveau is a town where the veil between reality and the supernatural is gossamer-thin. Voodoo, the loa, and age-old rites aren’t just tales; they are a palpable force. How does your faction engage with this ethereal realm?

Power Dynamics

With the Silent Serpents and the sheriffs dictating the rhythm of Laveau, how does your faction dance to their tune? Are you subservient, defiant, or is your relationship shrouded in ambiguity?

Cultural & Symbolic Elements

Ritualistic symbols, old family crests, and maritime references can be abundant. The port town’s history and myths are deeply embedded in these symbols. Be prepared to provide a sketch or sample of what you’re looking for and we will design it into the tagging system.

Faction Tags & Rosters

In the murky town of Laveau, factions have learned to cloak their illicit activities with a veil of legitimate business, using them as fronts for their criminal undertakings and laundering their ill-gotten gains. These businesses, from the ostensibly reputable establishments to the dingiest of dives, often conceal more nefarious activities— be it trafficking valuable goods or ensnaring lost souls.

Faction Safes

At the heart of each faction’s base lies a safe, an emblem of their power and security. It’s here they keep a record of their trusted members and fresh recruits, ensuring loyalty and tracking allegiances.

Paint Cans for Tagging

The bayou’s whisper of ancient legends isn’t the only way one earns respect in Backwaters. Street cred, earned through dedicated role-playing, speaks volumes of a player’s influence and reputation. This hard-earned credibility can be traded at the bait shop by the marina, where paint cans await those looking to leave their mark.

Taggable Walls

And mark they do. Throughout Laveau, walls beg to be claimed, serving as canvases for factions to declare territory and prowess. A simple spray can transform these walls into proclamations of dominance, advertisements for recruitment, or warnings to rivals.

In the shadows of Laveau, it’s not just about the crime—it’s about strategy, territory, and legacy. How will you carve your story into the very walls of Backwaters?

In Conclusion

To introduce a faction in Laveau is to weave a new narrative into an ancient tapestry. As you sculpt your faction’s tale, let Laveau’s essence guide your hand. Here, in the echoing silence of the Backwaters, stories aren’t just spun; they are felt and lived. Embrace the world where every alleyway whispers a secret. Welcome to Laveau.

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