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Need help with a Griefer?

The following volunteers may be online and can help deal with griefers on sim:

  • IM lyssandra69 Resident is online
  • IM Nadir Taov is online
  • IM Violet Bearsfoot is online

Upcoming Meet & Greets

Bluebell Noel

Staff Management
You’ll likely find me at the Twister. Message me for issues you can’t find help to above.

Bluebell Noel, Administrator
Audrina Tolsen
Staff Management
Love writing stories and photography. Happy to help where I can!
Audrina Tolsen, Administrator

Alexandra Melune
I’ve been part of the street scene since the beginning! I manage gang proposals.
Piper Rewell, Community Manager
Alexandra Melune
I manage business proposals and will help you setup shop! You can find me at the Diner or Hospital.
Alexandra Melune, Community Manager

As lieutenant in the HPD, I help recruits and citizens all the time. Message me for municipal help, too.
Krystal87, Community Manager
Alexandra Melune

AKA Julian or Parnell, I lead mentors and help steer stories at the HPD. Don’t be shy if I reach out to you!

Carlito Savira, Community Manager

Sabrina Morningstar
Columtreal University
I run the university campus community and can help with groups and roleplay questions!
Sabrina Morningstar, Community Manager
Lozza Weymann
Reach out for help with starting a story arc, coordinating a sim-wide event, or promotions.
Lozza Weymann, Storyweaver

Nadir Taov
I’m usually in my sandbox. Message me if it’s land or rental related, otherwise please try the rest of the team first.
Nadir Taov, Creator