Firearms Guide

An armed character wields the power to end a scene for someone else by simply squeezing the trigger. For this reason, the privilege of carrying a firearm must be earned through gaining experience role-playing in the Crack Den and following combat etiquette.

Minimum Armed role requirements

The Crack Den Story HUD must always be worn while role-playing anywhere in the Crack Den. The HUD allows you to accurately build chapters and the necessary street cred to earn eligibility. The minimum requirements are:

  • 7 chapters
  • Street cred boosted by a quarter

How do I earn chapters and street cred?

The Story HUD and other features in the Crack Den awards players with new privileges and roles based on presence and role-play interaction with other characters. Boost your street cred by actually role-playing with other players in scenes, be present and work a job, play out hospital recovery and jail times, attend classes on campus, and much more.

How will I know I am eligible?

The Story HUD features a button dedicated to the Armed role. It will visually change state as you meet eligibility, have an active armed status, or are temporarily suspended. You can also click this button to uncover hints.
Once eligible, you will then have the opportunity to apply for the role through the Pawn Shop.

How do I know of someone else’s eligibility?

The Character Card, automatically attached by wearing the Story HUD, will display your armed status when you or someone else clicks on it (above the avatar’s head). For this reason, please make sure your Character Card is attached at all times.

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