Story HUD


The Story HUD is designed to immerse you into the Crack Den; it offers insight into how your character is developing and guides you along the way.

Street Cred

Your street cred is based on recent activity only – it is designed to fluctuate and indicates how well known your character is on the streets. The more active or well-known your character is, the faster you’re able to earn chapters.

Participating in the following may boost your cred:

  • Roleplay posts with players
  • Overall presence
  • Working jobs
  • Group leadership
  • Getting in trouble with the police
  • Hospital treatment
  • Character residency on sim
  • Campus presence
  • Classroom activity (teaching or attending)
  • Forum discussions

The formula is purposely vague to deter players from gaming. The point of the Crack Den is to build stories and relationships. The HUD and special features are designed to drive immersion, provide guidance, and spark new scenes between players.


Chapters represents your total story length and history in the Crack Den. Activities listed above are just a few things that reflect the age of your story.

Along the way, you will earn special group titles and unlock features.


Find a home for your character in one of the many urban regions that make up the Crack Den. From holding land, renting apartments, vehicle permits, row homes, dorms, trailers, to keeping shops, there are plenty of opportunities to not only build your character’s story but to also have a private place in Second Life to call your own.

Besides supporting the community, you’ll earn perks like a boost to your street cred, setting your Second Life home within the Crack Den, and more.

[Find Land] [Rent Home] [Propose a Shop]


Every character needs a way to “make ends meet” in the Crack Den. From working jobs to hustling the streets in gangs, players are encouraged to join groups that drive this aspect of their character’s development.

Role-play is all about characters meeting and weaving their stories together. Find these opportunities to build those relationships. In doing so, this drives your street cred and builds chapters.

[Jobs] [Gangs]


Let’s face it, not everyone knows how to play fair with a scene-ending prop like a firearm. To ensure our commitment to quality writing, players who have achieved a minimum number of Chapters, ensuring their ability to understand all aspects of urban role-play, will have an opportunity to achieve this privilege.

Characters in the Hathian Police Department, advancing beyond the rank of rookie, will earn the ability to use their department-issued firearm. The armed police status is contingent on being active on the roster.

Your Character Card, attached over your avatar’s head, will display your armed status if you have achieved it. You can also switch the armed titler on and off through your Card.


The Crack Den is a community of artisan role-players with a passion to create stories and push the boundaries of imagination. Whether posting photos, writing articles for the local newspaper, participating in discussions on the forums, to posting journal entries, you’ll find creativity bleeding through the screen.

These activities may also boost your street cred!

Local News

Learn about the various neighborhoods (regions), landmarks, weather, police blotter, and other updates going on in the city. Dress your character according to the weather and find the ability to quickly move across the regions.

Story arcs, affecting everyone in the Crack Den, can quickly be accessed here. From weather disasters to large city-wide events, you’ll find opportunities to weave your story into the epic happenings of Hathian.

Jail & Recovery Times

If you find yourself admitted to the hospital or serving time in jail, an alert will appear on your HUD to learn how much time you have left. By following the recommended time and finding opportunities to role-play within jail or the hospital, you will boost your street cred.

Character Card

This special add-on will automatically rez and attach to your avatar upon wearing the Story HUD or selecting it through the Street Cred menu options on the HUD.

Upon clicking the area above your avatar’s head and the glitched CD titler, you can read quick stats, recent activity, and special notes.

Clicking your card will allow you to update your character’s name, age, and notes. You can also setup your status (armed/OOC) or turn on/off the Scene Finder feature.

Scene Finder

This experimental feature uses the Narrator, the complex learning engine behind the Story HUD and features in the Crack Den, to help match like-minded and like-experienced players into scenes.

Once your scene preferences are set and the feature is turned on, you will receive in-world hints as you come into proximity to players that may be a good match. The accuracy gets better over time.