Gangs & Factions

✘ Kogarashi

Chaos. Kogarashi thrive in their need to wreak havoc while exposing the truth about human nature - they do not operate for money or materialistic reasons. They work to corrupt or force others to play in their games and often cause people to do things they normally would not in order to survive.

✘ The King Street Bones

Tempered by chaos and crowned by couture, the King Street Bones unite in a raw, stylish endeavor of genderbending brutality to take over the city and gorge themselves on power, wealth and respect. No one is off the menu permanently for the Bones, but they may be persuaded to diet, for a price. Violence has never looked so good, demanding the spotlight and your wallet.

✘ CD Rejects

The Rejects represent a pillar of hate and contempt that has stood proudly as a blight on the small Louisiana town of Hathian for generations. Intent on impacting the drug trade by fighting to control the sale and import of cocaine, as well as limit the sale of other narcotics, they are willing to use coercion, violence, and fear to accomplish their goals.

✘ Yuugen

While most gangs are motivated by greed or surviving within the limits of society and law, the Yuugen rebel completely against it all. They follow their Ikigai and embrace their darker impulses. They believe that violence is the natural state of human existence and that anything else is an illusion forced on individuals at birth. The Yuugen see the city as their playground and everyone within it are only pieces to be played with. Those who refuse the game are forced to play. For if given the opportunity, wouldn't everyone want to embrace chaos?

✘ The Romanos

La Famiglia e Tutto. Family is everything. That and Loyalty are the foundations of The Romanos. They seek a good gamble here and there, but know they will never sacrifice each other for gain. They are a family that only wish to aid those that are willing to make a deal. Respect is key, for they will never bend the knee to others that demand of them. Wanna talk? Let's talk.

Before you propose, please read the Faction Proposal Guideline page for more details.

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