Chaos. It is the one thing that the Kogarashi thrive on in their need to wreak havoc while exposing the truth about human nature. Unlike most gangs in Hathian, the Koga doesn’t operate for money or materialistic reasons. They work to corrupt or force others to play in their ‘games’ and often cause people to do things they normally wouldn’t in order to survive. They also take advantage of the type of people who already enjoy causing others pain for sport. The Kogarashi rarely act on their own, instead they enjoy manipulating others to act for them. Everything the gang does comes down to getting people to tap into the more primal side of their nature. Those that resist resorting to what the Koga consider to be the true nature of human beings, often fall as victims during the course of the gang’s games. In the end, the body count the Kogarashi indirectly cause through their games is high and will only keep on growing the more chaotic those games become.


The Lions

The power of corporate social responsibility lies behind the Lions family, encompassing the pride they themselves forge upon upper society and high class. A classic style of mafia members, they are a family that protects and will always help each other as its deepest of core values. To become one of them is to truly become family, and family is always first. On the surface, they are constantly found to be donating to charities, sponsoring scholarships, and even offering protection to officials in need with private security or secure holdings for their meetings. Behind the scenes, however, they continue to amass their power by pulling strings of those who owe them, gaining control over those they want to control, and a variety of other dirty deals that ensures that their income and power are secure. New suits, fast cars, wealth, and the sinister smirk of authority is often what will draw people in, only to find themselves indebted to the family. Of those in debt...payment is always paid in full, and always with interest.


The King Street Bones

Violence has never looked so good, demanding the spotlight--and your wallet. The Bones walk the runway known as King Street, in the shadows of Hathian’s depravity. Should someone cross paths with the Bones, they may find themselves the focal point of an unwanted makeover. The King Street Bones are a gritty, hyper-violent street gang made up of eclectic individuals that are sick of starving at the banquet table in Hathian’s dining hall. Tempered by chaos and crowned by couture--the King Street Bones unite in a raw, stylish endeavor of genderbending brutality to take over the city and gorge themselves on power, wealth and respect. No one is off the menu permanently for the Bones, but they may be persuaded to diet, for a price.

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