Gangs in the Crack Den

Venture into the urban maze of the Crack Den and you’ll find the pulsing heartbeats of its gangs, each echoing tales of ambition, survival, and power.

πŸ’₯ The King Street Bones

Tempered by chaos and crowned by couture, the King Street Bones unite in a raw, stylish endeavor of genderbending brutality to take over the city and gorge themselves on power, wealth and respect. No one is off the menu permanently for the Bones, but they may be persuaded to diet, for a price. Violence has never looked so good, demanding the spotlight and your wallet.

πŸ’₯ CD Rejects

The Rejects represent a pillar of hate and contempt that has stood proudly as a blight on the small Louisiana town of Hathian for generations. Intent on impacting the drug trade by fighting to control the sale and import of cocaine, as well as limit the sale of other narcotics, they are willing to use coercion, violence, and fear to accomplish their goals.

πŸ’₯ Yuugen

In the shadowed heart of the city, the Yuugen defy convention, guided by Ikigai and a lust for the primal. Seeing violence as human nature, they turn the urban jungle into their chessboard, manipulating lives as mere pawns in a game of chaos, where even the unwilling are drawn into play.

πŸ’₯ The Hoppers

The Hopper family emerges from the Louisiana swamps. Bound by blood or chosen ties, they honor the word of Grandpa Hopper. Mystery shrouds their legacy, rumored cursed, living beyond laws. Honor is their creed; betrayal, their enemy. As whispers of cannibalism echo, the Hoppers thrive in shadows, a clan united in defiance and strength.

πŸ’₯ Hathian Harlots

In the shadow-draped alleys of the Red Light District, a gritty coalition of streetwalkers, cutthroats, and sirens unite. Their creed? Dominate the nights carnal commerce, untethered to cartels or cash flows. In this concrete jungle, unity is their blade, safeguarding the pulsing heart of their sultry empire.

πŸ’₯ Vipers

The Vipers are a group of individuals who have forged a unique bond based on the principles of chosen family, loyalty, ruthlessness, and a shared sense of purpose. Their unyielding desire to protect their own interests, territory, and profit has made them a force to be reckoned with, and their ability to adapt and evolve has allowed them to maintain their position as a powerful force in their world. Despite their secretive nature and willingness to take bold actions, The Vipers remain a tight-knit group built on trust and loyalty, and they will stop at nothing to protect their own interests, territory, and family.

Gang Ethos

Before you tread into this intricate web, a few key elements warrant understanding.

  1. Urban Landscape: Unlike the mystical Laveau, the Crack Den is the epitome of raw urban life. Its gangs thrive amid the concrete jungle, graffiti-streaked alleys, and neon-lit nights.
  2. Dynamic Power Play: Gangs in the Crack Den are locked in a perpetual power struggle, vying for territory and influence. Loyalties are fluid, and alliances can shift as quickly as the wind.
  3. Economic Drive: Here, it’s all about the hustle. Whether it’s underground fight clubs, gambling dens, or black market deals, each gang has its signature mode of income. Understand their unique economic niches before diving in.
  4. Law & Order: In the Crack Den, the police are more than just enforcers; they’re active players in the balance of power. The line between law enforcement and gang alliance is often blurred.
  5. Cultural Nuances: Each gang boasts its own culture, rituals, and hierarchies. Assimilation isn’t just about donning colors or tattoos but understanding and respecting these intricate subcultures.
  6. Commitment & Role Play: Being part of a gang is more than a mere title; it’s an immersive role. Be prepared to be active, dedicated, and involved in your chosen gang’s narrative.

Before proposing a new gang or seeking membership in an existing one, familiarize yourself with the histories, rivalries, and ethos of the listed gangs. Your journey into the Crack Den’s underworld promises thrills, challenges, and unparalleled role-playing experiences. Choose wisely, and immerse yourself fully. Welcome to the urban chaos.

Propose a Gang

Before you propose, please read the Faction Proposal Guideline page for more details.

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