Faction Proposal Guideline

Some of our best run and long-standing groups are those that have been proposed and managed by community members. We love hearing new ideas and offering opportunities for members to propose groups. Once you’ve determined that no existing faction is the best fit for you, create your own.


  • Founder must be a registered member of the community
  • Founder must be willing to maintain regular presence on the sims, website, and attend in-world meetings with staff
  • Founder must be a team player and respect both staff and fellow players at all times
  • Founder and all members must adhere to the sim rules and it’s highest standards

Faction Stages

We maintain a crucial balance between criminal and law enforcement activity on the streets of Hathian. To continue allowing fresh ideas into the community, we have established three stages in which a gang can grow into. Before proposing, please understand each stage:

  • Soft Trial (Stage 1/Probation):  To begin you must submit a proposal on the website, however it will not be pushed to the forums until you are ready for stage 2. At which point you will have the option to rewrite/resubmit.You can start with three members, and can recruit at this stage, however you are limited to 5 members. If you reach 5, you must submit an official proposal. There is no time limit, but if you drop below 3 you will no longer be considered in soft trial.  Your focus is to seed good stories around the sim, and raise awareness of your group’s presence on the streets. Once your group has gotten a good hold, you may look toward moving up.
  • Stage 2: This stage requires the acceptance of a completed proposal, 3-5 members to start. There is no limit on recruitment (this is new!). All members must be in good standing in CD, as per usual. You will be allowed to wear your CD tags and can ‘tag’ walls (please contact an admin before dropping prims). You will have to continue supporting the community by fostering great and inclusive stories. You should begin posting monthly updates on Gang Update Forums.
  • Stage 3: There is only room for 5 factions in this stage. You are no longer held back by maximums. We do ask that you manage wisely. If we see you with 15 members and most aren’t active then we will place a max restriction on you. You will be allowed turf. You will now have the ability to involve your gangs with arms dealing, but must first get approval by an admin. You will be featured on our website and in the OOC area. Remember, lack of activity, especially by the leader, will risk dropping a stage or being disbanded completely. We expect at least 7 active members at all times.
  • More details shared once approved.

Review Process

Starting up a faction has two phases. The initial phase, the soft trial, begins with three members. This will enable the factions to organically play out that start process and embrace the story of it. It allows the community a test of what they are putting together so that they can properly weigh in on a proposal with a real idea of what the finished product will look like. At the end of the soft trial the test faction will either propose their gang and attempt to get approved for official status, or they will disband if the idea didn’t quite pan out as planned.

To make disbanding more fun and fluid to storylines as well, the HPD or another faction will be ready to come out and give the gang a permanent teardown via raid or assault should you choose.

When a faction is ready, it enters the second phase of the review process which involves an admin running a background check on the founder’s prerequisites and making sure the proposal makes sense for the community. When an admin deems it appropriate, the proposal will then be submitted to the community via the Group Proposal subforum. After a thorough discussion, which requires the founder to answer and comment on community feedback, and admin will either reject or approve the gang proposal and they move into Stage 2.

Approved Proposals

When a group proposal has been approved, founders can expect the following:

  • IM from an admin indicating that the proposal has been successfully approved and has an appropriate group name
  • Founders may create the group with the name assigned by the admin and must invite RP Monitor with the owner role.
  • Founder will be invited to the “RP Leaders” group on the website where you will have access to special guides and tips to manage your group.
  • Founder will be invited to Crack Den Community Leaders group inworld
  • Access to “Faction Leaders Guide”

Propose a Gang