Campus Organization Proposal

Some of our best run and long-standing groups are those that have been proposed and managed by community members. We love hearing new ideas and offering opportunities for members to propose groups.

If you would like to run a sorority, fraternity, or club, please read on!


  • Founder must be a registered member of the community
  • Founder must be willing to maintain regular presence on the sims, website, and attend in-world meetings with staff
  • Founder must be a team player and respect both staff and fellow players at all times

Review Process

When a proposal is submitted, it enters the first phase of the review process which involves an admin running a background check on the founder’s prerequisites and making sure the proposal makes sense for the community. When an admin deems it appropriate, the proposal will then be submitted to the community via the Group Proposal subforum. After a few days of discussion, which requires the founder to answer/comment on community feedback, an admin will either approve or reject the gang proposal.

Approved Proposals

When a group proposal has been approved, founders can expect the following:

  • IM from an admin indicating that the proposal has been successfully approved and an appropriate group name
  • Founders may create the group with the name assigned by the admin and must invite CU Monitor with the owner role.
  • Founder will be invited to the "RP Leaders" group on the website where you will have access to special guides and tips to manage your group.

Propose a Student Organization