Businesses in Backwaters

The remote town of Port Laveau, or commonly called Backwaters by locals, is located several hours from the city of Hathian and New Orleans.

Use the listing below to discover official businsses that offer unique jobs and vanity roles. Seek jobs that best align with your character’s backstory or where you’d like to grow into. These businesses offer an instant invite “for hire” sign and will count towards building your cred and chapter count.

You can use the “Map” link to open your World Map and use the beacon feature to mark the exact location on sim. The glowing green beacon indicates an employee may be available for role-play right now.


  1. Wicked Studio

    The studio hides a seedy, noir world in Laveau. It harvests kidnapped victims, conditioning them to perform as cam girls and in porn movies. A grim reality of exploitation festers beneath the surface.

    Lead: XenaXerxes Resident | Map | 5
  2. Starlust Motel

    Starlust Motel in Laveau casts a noir shadow. Sinister whispers link it to a sordid prostitution ring, ensnaring victims in the bayou's murky depths. Behind the deceptive allure, those who dreamed of escape find themselves forever entwined in a web of exploitation and darkness.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 2
  3. Serpents Den

    Enter the forbidden oasis of pleasure and desire at the Serpent's Den. Our luxurious brothel caters to every craving, offering the rarest of delicacies. Explore your wildest fantasies with our captivating courtesans and immerse yourself in an intoxicating world of decadence.

    Lead: PageLawless Resident | Map | 21
  4. Lady Luck Casino

    Lady Luck Casino, a derelict steamboat in Laveau's harbor, is a hub for illicit activity, echoing with whispers of money laundering and rare vices. Fortunes are made and lost, and the ghosts of the steamboat's past mingle with the desperate souls of Laveau.

    Lead: Willow Catseye | Map | 1
  5. Flamingos

    Step into Flamingos Dance Bar, an enigmatic LGBTQ+ haven shrouded in the bayou's mystique. In this den of self-expression and love, the night unveils secrets as dark allure and hidden desires meld beneath the surface. Engage with our eclectic community.

    Lead: Rico Mialifo | Map | 2
  6. Dark Leaf Cigar Lounge

    Dark Leaf Cigar Lounge in Laveau harbors the town's darkest machinations. Shadowy figures engage in illicit dealings amid tobacco haze, luring patrons who thrive in the criminal underbelly. A sinister, noir ambiance cloaks the lounge's velvety darkness.

    Lead: Amai Batista | Map | 1
  7. Barracuda Bar

    Barracuda Bar and Grill in Laveau is an electrifying hotspot, serving scrumptious fare with daring dance moves and fiery energy. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience, and unleash your inner wild side.

    Lead: Kit Absinthe | Map | 4

Goods & Services

  1. Victory Barbershop

    The Victory Barber Shop, seemingly innocuous, hides a dark underbelly in Laveau. Gossip runs rampant, unearthing secrets and spreading intrigue. This den of whispers serves as a hub for the town's most nefarious dealings.

    Lead: ClaraChalice Resident | Map | 4
  2. Veiled Visions

    Veiled Visions, a mysterious fortune-telling haven in Laveau, shrouds itself in a sinister aura. The enigmatic seers are rumored to be Disciples of voodoo and darkness. Their malevolent power grows beneath arcane symbols, entwining with those who seek their counsel.

    Lead: SoulJah9 Resident | Map | 6
  3. Gumbo Gas

    Gumbo Gas & Go in Laveau is a front for a notorious criminal underworld. Shadowy deals and hushed exchanges unfold amidst the hum of engines and hissing gas hoses beneath its unassuming facade.

    Lead: whosanenotme Resident | Map | 5
  4. Empire Tattoo

    Empire Tattoo in Laveau front illicit activities, attracting notorious criminals for their ink. Dark secrets and unspoken pacts mingle with the hum of tattoo machines in its sinister walls, a macabre canvas for the town's underworld.

    Lead: Kingston Varriale | Map | 3
  5. Darlings Sex Shop

    Darling's Sex Shop in Laveau caters to the twisted desires of the town's most nefarious characters. Patrons indulge in their wicked fantasies amidst hushed whispers and furtive glances, adding to the store's ominous emporium of vice.

    Lead: teratomas Resident | Map | 2
  6. Bubbas Boomsticks

    Bubba's Boomsticks Gun Shop in Laveau conceals a sinister truth, teeming with illicit dealings. It serves as a formidable front for the town's criminal underbelly, providing the tools to perpetuate Laveau's dark legacy.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 3
  7. Bait Shop

    More than just a marina mainstay amidst the murk of the backwaters. Beneath the facade of bait and tackle, whispered tales hint at darker dealings. In this dangerous dockside den, every transaction could be more than it seems.

    Lead: Caccrinolas Netizen | Map | 4

Food & Delivery

  1. Sam N Ella Diner

    Sam N Ella's Diner in Laveau is a front for illicit dealings. Enigmatic figures converge beneath its vintage charm and neon lights, plotting and conspiring in the shadowy realm.

    Lead: Valena Vacano | Map | 1
  2. Rusty Browns Donuts

    Rusty Brown's Donuts conceals a sinister secret in Laveau. Shadowy figures plot and conspire beneath the sugary aroma of freshly baked donuts, weaving webs of deception. It serves as a nexus for the town's darkest dealings, where danger and intrigue lurk.

    Lead: MissNoah Littlepaws | Map | 3
  3. Red Herring Cafe

    Nestled on the murky waterfront, the Red Herring Cafe disguises a front for criminal activities beneath its unpretentious cafe facade. Amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Laveau's most dangerous secrets are hidden, where deception thrives in the damp, misty air.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 0
  4. Midnight Mandarin

    The Midnight Mandarin, a Chinese takeaway, lures unsuspecting patrons with courtesans skilled in seduction. Behind its kitchen walls, a secret chamber exposes the heart of Laveau's underworld, where illicit dealings unfold and sinister plans take shape.

    Lead: Lessien Haefnir | Map | 2
  5. Freddys BBQ

    Freddy's BBQ, a modest smokehouse in Laveau, fronts for clandestine activities amid the darkness of the town's sinister underworld. Secrets and intrigue simmer within as smoke billows above, attracting the most dangerous players to this unassuming joint.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 0

Municipal Services

  1. Clinic

    In Laveau's bayou, a clinic traffics in illegally harvested organs. Dark secrets fester beneath the guise of healing, feeding on the vulnerable. In this den of shadows, the scalpel's edge blurs the line between life and death.

    Lead: Euphonious Evergarden | Map | 2
  2. Backwaters Sheriffs

    Laveau's corrupt sheriff's office is a dark and twisted den of vice, run by a cunning sheriff. The crooked deputies ensure illegal goods flow freely, turning Laveau into a dangerous trade route where power and profit reign supreme.

    Visit Tower | Map | 18
  3. Backwaters Rescue

    Laveau's fire department aids trafficking under a wicked chief, perpetuating corruption. Far from heroes, they're entwined in the town's depravity, ensuring kidnapped victims' survival for nefarious purposes.

    Lead: SonjaValencia Resident | Map | 4
  4. Backwaters Prison

    Louisiana's imposing prison houses dangerous criminals, reverberating with tales of torture and despair. The twisted mastermind warden orchestrates suffering within its notorious walls.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 4
  5. Backwaters Asylum Roleplay

    In Louisiana's haunting backwaters, the century-old asylum looms. A monument to past horrors, where cruel echos still resonate. Now, it's a refuge for the mad and the forsaken, their whispers mingling with rumored voodoo chants.

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 0