Businesses in Hathian

Get a job at one of the many official businesses in Hathian to earn your keep! You can meet other players and earn chapters.

XThe green beacon indicates an active employee may be available now; the people count indicates active employees the past week. Use the “Map” link to open the World Map and find the location on sim.


  1. XXX Shop of Hathian

    Have you ever aspired to become an actor or actress? Well, we have a leather couch and it's black.

    Lead: Lauri Mayfair | Map | 7
  2. WKRK

    WKRK narrates tales of heartbreak, triumph, scandal, and everyday life. Folks tune in for the best vibes and music!

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 0
  3. Titty Twister

    With our clientele of politicians and pigs, there's more whores in the audience to mingle with then on the stage.

    Lead: BlueBell Noel | Map | 11
  4. Theater House

    Starving? You likely still will be if you work with us. But hey, there's ART!

    Lead: TalaRigaud Resident | Map | 2
  5. Sinners Room

    Hottest nightclub in town! Even with that cotton mouth, we've got drinks that'll keep you working all night long!

    Lead: stacerscarolina Resident | Map | 5
  6. Chartbusters

    Pure, unadulterated nostalgia. If you're good at reliving the past, over and over again, then you'll want to apply!

    Lead: camiya Resident | Map | 0
  7. Arcade

    The more you play with it, the harder it gets. Let's be honest, you're going to be a pro here.

    Lead: DiamondTopaz15 Resident | Map | 2

Goods & Services

  1. Vudu Spice Shop

    Can you hear Papa Legba whispering to you? He's telling you to take this job.

    Lead: BusySalem Resident | Map | 4
  2. Rub N Tug

    Do you like stories with a happy ending? Great, because all our customers get one!

    Lead: BettyMcDonut Resident | Map | 12
  3. Rader Records

    Are the voices in your head getting to you? Drown them out with loud music! Get a job today.

    Lead: Piper Rewell | Map | 11
  4. Poison Apple Tattoo Parlor

    Do you enjoy punching holes? Want to make your mark on people? Permanently? Then look no further!

    Lead: Propane Rage | Map | 5
  5. Pharmacy

    Where the city's pulse meets its poison. As much a landmark as it is a lifeline, shelves brimming with remedies and vices. Beware the hungry shadows � for every healing hand, there's an addict's desperate grasp.

    Lead: ssyss Resident | Map | 5
  6. News Group

    Join today for an opportunity to meet and snap all kinds of people! Good people, bad people, and even the dead ones!

    Lead: FaithTang Resident | Map | 2
  7. Master Bates Inn

    All the fun of being whore without getting cold feet on the street, you'll be a maid who gets laid.

    Lead: Chasity Dawes | Map | 5
  8. Labor Union

    Get arm deep in people's crap then charge union rates.

    Lead: Chasiel Resident | Map | 2
  9. Hathian Motors

    You'll never have to worry about washing your hands or clothes while working at the Garage. Plus, how can you go wrong with free lube?

    Lead: Hitori Skyther | Map | 7
  10. Green House

    Are you a cannibis connoisseur? From sativa, indica, to hybrids, you'll flex your expertise to the citizens of Hathian!

    Lead: TihanaRadja Resident | Map | 5
  11. Comiquities

    You're a superhero, aren't you? Don't worry, your secret identity as a dateless loser will always be safe with us!

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 2
  12. Clam Convenience

    Swishers. Condoms. Cheap Beer. Come work for the beating heart of Hathian!

    Lead: Nuku Nemeth | Map | 4
  13. 24 Hour Pawn Shop

    It's always a steal of a deal, here! Get it? STEAL!

    Lead: BrandieKelly Resident | Map | 7

Food & Delivery

  1. CD-Gein Burger

    Come flip our burgers! Just don't flip out and kill the customers.

    Lead: Estelle Brianna | Map | 5
  2. Wiener Wagon

    Under Hathian's menacing underpass lies the legendary Wiener Wagon. A repurposed relic of a bygone train era, now serving the city's most tantalizing hot dogs.

    Lead: Calanthral Falodir | Map | 4
  3. Slim Goodies Diner

    Like meeting unpleasant people and spitting in their food? Then come work for us!

    Lead: Alexandra Melune | Map | 0
  4. Pie Hole Pizzeria

    Maybe you'll get lucky and get blown in exchange for a $10 pizza

    Lead: Aerav Resident | Map | 4
  5. Lou's Bar

    Do you like laughing at sad drunks? Even when Lou's not around, there's plenty to pour for!

    Lead: Lozza Weymann | Map | 18
  6. Jimmies Chicken Shack

    Our lines for breasts, legs, and thighs are always longer than those at the Twister. We need help!

    Lead: zeek Rookswood | Map | 5
  7. Holy Moly Donuts

    Want to become a cops best friend?

    Lead: Meredith Petrovic | Map | 1
  8. Daily Grind

    Some of our drinks might cost more than what you'll make in an hour. But if you're into books, a good brew, and some of that other hipster shit, then the Grind is for you!

    Lead: Jordan Rizzo | Map | 7
  9. Butcher Shop

    Are you a second hand vegetarian?

    Lead: kurtissketch Resident | Map | 2
  10. Bros Bar-B-Q

    This hole-in-the-wall joint serves the best briskets in town! Join the family business today!

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 0
  11. Berthier Street Bakery

    Hate cops? Put your dick in a donut before your daily delivery to the local station!

    Lead: Arisa Thor | Map | 2
  12. After Shift Bar

    The pulsating heart of District 8 where the citys brave souls - the fire rescuers, medics, and cops - find solace after sundown.

    Lead: VixenVexed Resident | Map | 4


  1. Police Department

    Get bullied in high school? Didn't finish your degree? Well, the police department is always hiring!

      Manager Wanted   | Map | 78
  2. Hathian General Hospital

    Do people make you sick? Here's your chance to get them sick right back again!

    Lead: Simon Huntsman | Map | 30
  3. Emergency Services

    Got a burning desire? You've come to the right place.

    Lead: Trevington Resident | Map | 26