WKRK Employee Handbook

WKRK Employee Handbook

Welcome to WKRK – Hathian’s original & only radio station!
(@CDWKRK on twitter)

As a WKRK employee, your duties & pay will depend on your position. These positions include Station Manager, Radio DJ ($12/hr),  Producer, News reporter ($10/hr), and Marketing intern (unpaid). See: WKRK Position Details Periodic raises will be based on activity and performance.

((DJ information is below; a must read!))

No official uniform, other than a t-shirt available in the future. Dress is casual, but no nudity, ragged clothing, & employees are expected to maintain grooming standards (aka, please shower). They’re also expected to maintain good attitudes; don’t be an asshole. In cases of robbery, don’t be a hero either. Dial 911.

There are two cameras stationed in the station. One in the corner of main floor (full visibility) and one upstairs (full visibility). These are a digital feed, there is no tape. ((If you run into a situation in the station, please post about their existence at least once.))

[OOC Notes]
HIRING: All Rader/WKRK hires would IC go through Perina McGinnis personally, so it’s up to you if you want to RP out the hire/interview, or just NPC it. I’m up for either! But if NPC’d, both your character and Peri will be familiar with each other then, at least on the basic level of names, age.

When it comes to DJing in CD, we have two opportunities: you can have a set show time every week/every other week, or you can DJ at random. We try to reserve those set time slots for those who will regularly show up, since it will be put on the CD calendar and posted via the information “Word on the Street” blast that shows up in local chat when someone first arrives on sim.

If you have interest in a specific time slot, contact station manager Perina McGinnis, and we’ll see what works out. For random DJing, please check the calendar to make sure there isn’t someone already scheduled AND that there isn’t another event happening (as these often have DJs, too!) If you know the time you are going to DJ in advance, put it on the calendar (create an event).

When ready, go upstairs to the DJ booth, and make sure the stream is set to WKRK. You can use VirtualDJ, SAM broadcaster, WinAmp, & others to DJ in SL. Please research the best option for you ahead of time so you’re not delayed! Contact Perina McGinnis for the sim stream server information.

When you start your show, no more than once an hour you can post in CD Citizens (& maybe Crack Den OOC) that you’re currently on air. No spamming all the groups! Please use this standard text (replacing the [bits] with your own information!) The Twitter part is optional, but helpful!

WKRK Presents: [show name] with [DJ name]! Tune in now! ((Land URL: http://srv9.karadio.biz:12605))  – Requests & comments welcome! Tweet @[username] or give us a call ((IM [inworld name]))

This is a more unique roleplay in that it’s partially OOC work with the DJing, but this can be IC and roleplayed out. Keep in mind, though, that this is a partially public place with only the upstairs as a private area, so with any violence or attacking – use your judgment; not the best place for it, since we’d call the cops, but if you want to let someone rp out their scene, it’s fine. Same with sex; in a public place, privacy shouldn’t be expected, but don’t be surprised if your coworkers are getting it on in the corner! And don’t be surprised if staff or management watches.

Robberies require an employee present to be roleplayed out, and any major damage to the shop must first be approved by Peri. Minor damage like a broken window, tossing over a shelf, ripping a beanbag, etc does not need approval.

The roster and group are regularly maintained and cleaned; the roster will automatically boot you after 3 months of inactivity. If you are removed from these either in error or wish to rejoin, simply click the Hiring sign in front of the register, and bam, you’re back.

If you have any questions, IM me anytime! I am on the East Coast in the US and am around often even if not online. Offlines go to email! Perina McGinnis inworld (@yoperina on twitter)

((updated 3/10/2021))

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