1. Nadir Taov

    AI-based NPCs using GPT-3

    We’ve been experimenting with GPT-3 to power the responses of our Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the metaverse – in our instance, in the virtual world of Second Life. Located in the welcome lobby of the Crack Den, players visit and interact with a police officer NPC by emoting to it...
  2. Nadir Taov

    Immersive Character Development Features

    The Crack Den is a metaverse-based role-play community that immerses players in a gritty urban setting. The Story HUD guides players in developing their characters and building relationships through role-play. Players can earn street cred, which fluctuates based on recent activity and indicates their character’s level of notoriety on the...
  3. valena vacano

    The Construction Yard

    The city of Hathian has been rebuilt from the ground up numerous times, be it because of gang wars or natural disasters. The construction yard is home to the people that rebuild and try to keep the city intact, as well as the labour union that stands behind them. Anyone...