Immersive Character Development Features

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The Crack Den is a metaverse-based role-play community that immerses players in a gritty urban setting.

The Story HUD guides players in developing their characters and building relationships through role-play. Players can earn street cred, which fluctuates based on recent activity and indicates their character’s level of notoriety on the streets. Players can also earn chapters, which represent their character’s total story length and history in the Crack Den. If a character ends up in jail or the hospital, they will receive an alert on their HUD with their recovery or jail times.

By participating in various activities such as role-playing with other players, working jobs, and leading groups, players can boost their street cred and earn special group titles and unlock features. Players can also find a home for their character in the many urban regions of the Crack Den and earn perks by supporting the community.

Characters can earn income in in the game by working jobs and joining gangs and can also achieve the privilege of being armed by achieving a minimum number of chapters and understanding all aspects of urban role-play.

The Crack Den is a community of creative role-players who can also participate in various activities outside of the role-play such as posting photos and writing articles for the local newspaper and stay informed about the city’s happenings through the Local News feature.

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