1. valena vacano

    The Construction Yard

    The city of Hathian has been rebuilt from the ground up numerous times, be it because of gang wars or natural disasters. The construction yard is home to the people that rebuild and try to keep the city intact, as well as the labour union that stands behind them. Anyone...
  2. valena vacano

    The Trailer Park

    Behind the abandoned factory, the power plant, and the never ending construction on the highway, lies Palace Homes, a small trailer park where people from all walks of life call home. But no one lives here out of desire. It’s always a necessity. The trash lined streets, overgrown weeds, and...
  3. valena vacano

    The Skatepark

    Tucked in an alley behind the comic book store, the skatepark offers a place for youths to simply be children, away from rough city life. Or at least, a place for them to indulge in it away from the prying eyes of their parents. Close to everything a young teen...
  4. valena vacano

    The Magnolia Projects

    At the edge of the city, past the red light district, near the graveyard, sits a small block of row homes. While they may appear unassuming enough, rumors of rather horrible things linger in the air like a thick smog. It is said that numerous gangs have called the run...