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HPD – Detailed Guide to Field HUD and Report System

HPD Field Hud Guide In this guide we will explain how the HPD Field Hud works. The HUD works only for one municipal group. Meaning you can only be in one police or fire department group of the Alterscape sims. You cannot be a part of more than one of these groups at a time. You will receive the HUD automatically when you joined the HPD – if not, you can find it here: Find the HUD in your inventory, then right click it. Press “add”. << Video of Right click adding Hud.>> This will result in this visual on your HUD UI. The HUD has two buttons. We will call them the “Star” and the “Radio” for easier explanation of the system. Firstly, try what happens when you click the star. Once it loads you will be greeted by the following menu: As you can see, there are six buttons in total. Two of them will be used to file reports:“Good Cop” and “Bad Cop.” These can be explained easily. Did you do a non-corrupt RP, incident or arrest? You will be using the “Good Cop” option. If you did something corrupt, think bribery, assault, battery or rape, you will be using the “Bad Cop” button. After clicking one of those buttons, the following menus pop up: This is the Good Cop menu. This is the Bad Cop menu. As you can see both are almost the same. However, once you click on the report, you will be lead […]

Blue Noel June 27, 2024 June 27, 2024
HPD Guide

Table of contents HPD Ranks General Principles Welcome to Hathian’s Finest – New Hires/’Rookies’ at the HPD Important things to do once you are accepted as a cop The CD Field HUD New hires are not allowed to carry a gun Participate in training sessions and workshops Your First Promotion – From New Hire to Officer Returning Officers Interactions with Citizens and Criminals General roleplay guidelines Gun confiscations Arrests Fake charges/corrupt reports Visitors Lawyers The Gym Bail Parole and probation officers Youth and Civil Services Raids Going OOC or AFK The Bureaucracy… Reports – what to do Reports – what to avoid Correcting reports Case assignments Warrants All Point Bulletin (APB) Bench Warrants Citations/Parking Tickets The HPD Station NPCs HPD doors The lobby Camera locations The evidence room Damage to HPD Property/Car parking lot Communication HPD Group Municipal Group How to use the radio HPD Blotter/Police Reports Uniforms and dress code Equipment Tactical Gear Dresscode for Detectives Weapons Tasers Guns Cars K9 unit and handlers HPD and CUPD HPD and Laveau/Backwaters Corruption and the HPD   HPD Ranks: Inspector – OOC Lead An individual of stature in the HPD, known for their unyielding determination. The Inspector, having ascended through the ranks, now stands at the top. Unfazed by the daily concerns of their subordinates, they focus on optimizing the department. Captain – OOC Lead The bridge between the HPD’s seasoned officers and the upper echelons of Hathian’s political and law enforcement leadership. The Captain steers the narrative, driving the corruption […]

Blue Noel August 21, 2023 June 27, 2024
Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road It is made in a pink liquid form, water soluable. Much like LSD it is commonly sold on perforated tabs for recreational use on the tongue. Typically sold in sheets of 4 tabs, each tab containing one dose. It can also be purchased in a vial with a dropper. Price: 4 tabs for $35 – vials of liquid available by special request   Ingredients Bufo Toxin Amyl Nitrate GHB MDMA Ketamine   Ingestion Method Oral Onset time: N/A Duration: N/A   Addiction Potential: Extremly High   Positive Effects  *Effects per tab or dosage 1 tab – Slight Lust, warm giddy feeling with energy. Things taste better and you can smell things stronger and more vividly. 2 tabs – Desire to fuck, feeling of happiness and horniness. Colors are vibrant and cartoony; though not wavy. 3 tabs – Dilated eyes, heavy euphoria and a need to connect/bond, feel and touch. Things are a little wavy, nothing can go wrong. 4 tabs – Eyes completely dilated, drooling, and a blank mind. Dripping dumb and stupid, like a k-hole but a very sexualized version, you wouldn’t say no because you can barely babble.   Negative Effects Cravings to keep redosing Blurry vision Catatonic state Unconsciousness *Coming down is hard, with depression and anger likely to follow   Additional Information Coming down is hard, with depression and anger likely to follow.

Propane Rage February 13, 2024 February 13, 2024 designer drugs, factions, gangs, street drugs
Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock Jailhouse Rock is a green, powdery rock, each rock approximately the size of a large blueberry. It leaves a powdery residue on the fingers and can be smoked, or crushed and snorted. Price: $20 a rock   Ingredients Crack Cocaine Liquid Oxycodone   Ingestion Method Oral Onset time: Immediate Duration: 90 minute intense high; followed 2-3 hours of drug in effect   Addiction Potential: Extremely High   Positive Effects Rush of euphoric well being Excess of energy Alertness Warmth Tingling sensation or numbness in hands and face   Negative Effects Intense Headache Fatigue Dry Mouth Thirst General malaise that can last for several hours   Additional Information You may talk a lot, begin large projects, experience sudden waves of intense emotion from fury to joy, act impulsively and or have a wave of creative inspiration.

Propane Rage February 13, 2024 February 13, 2024 designer drugs, drugs, factions, gangs, street drugs
Nefarious Concotion

Nefarious Concotion A clear, bitter-tasting liquid supplied in a vial that can be used with a dropper to contaminate beverages, foods, etc. so that it can be ingested orally (by mouth). Vial comes with a purple top. Administrator recommended to disguise taste, if desired, but not put into any citrus beverages.   Ingredients Mescaline Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) Scopolamine Medical Grade LSD (micro dose amount – less than 4% of psychedelic dose)   Ingestion Method Oral Onset time: 20-45 minutes Duration: 6-8 hours   Addiciton potential: High   Positive Effects altered state of consciousness altered thinking and changes in time and perception often described as happy, positive, enjoyable and ‘illuminating’ relaxed/reduced anxiety impaired coordination (clumsiness/lack of efficient movement) initially (about 30 minutes) pain relief prevention of nausea and vomiting stable heart and breathing rate & blood pressure emotional stability drowsy & cooperative initially (about 30 minutes) *After 1 hour of serum taking effect – improved ability to retain learned information, enhanced focus, increased energy possible   Negative Effects moderate to severe nausea or vomiting  headache  dizziness, anxiety/panic attack increased heart rate risk of hurting self or others easily distracted/emotional instability itchy rash/skin crawling feeling limited ability to understand or follow directions  extreme dry mouth/thirsty moderate to severe unpleasant delusions or hallucinations   Additional Information If subject tested is left to go off on their own: Subject could experience mild to severe delusions; pleasant or horrific hallucinations; clouded judgment; no fear of death nor concern of consequences; difficult, sluggish, erratic movements or, no impaired […]

Propane Rage February 13, 2024 February 13, 2024 designer drugs, drugs, factions, gangs, street drugs
Truth Serum Concotion

Truth Serum Concotion Clear, tasteless liquid supplied in a vial that can be used with a dropper to contaminate beverages, foods, etc. so that it can be ingested orally (by mouth), or it can be injected. Vial comes with a blue top. Ingredients Versed Sodium thiopental Scopolamine Ketamine Ingestion method Oral Onset time: 15-20 minutes Duration: 2 hours; hangover effects can last up to 36 hours Injection Onset time: immediate Duration: 1 hour; hangover effects can last up to 36 hours   Addiction Potential: High   Positive Effects memory loss while drug is in effect alkative and cooperative with others inhibited ability to lie mild drowsiness but still able to communicate & cooperate with instructions given by others nausea and vomiting prevention  pleasant/giddy mood physical dissociation (out of body feeling) difficulty moving around unassisted  some suggestibility/brainwashing potential   Negative Effects verbal responses disorganized, slurred, delayed, or hard to understand limited ability to understand or follow directions nausea and/or vomiting, severe headache agitation/anger extreme dry mouth/thirsty unable to urinate causing extreme discomfort and less cooperation excessive drowsiness/sleepiness hallucinations or delirium moderate panic attack/bad trip/k-holes   Additional Information FULLY Effective – all or most DESIRED EFFECTS from above with NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS Effect – 5-7 DESIRED EFFECTS with 1-3 NEGATIVE EFFECTS Effect – May not be able to tell the truth, but unable to trick; 1-4 NEGATIVE EFFECTS – choose from above Effect – Prone to telling the truth, but has the ability to mislead. Memory is hazy after event, but knows […]

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Meeting Oliver

[23:14] Tári Mero A’noh (aylee.starchild) smiles seeing a matching outfit that was hard to miss. “that hat is fabulous.” her tone was sincere as she walked up admiring the size of the hat. “what a lovely color.” [23:18] .:Olivier (obsidianlethrone) turns his sights away from the poster, a trail of smoke following the trail of his own head turning to follow. A bright smile graced his features. “Thanks, sweetie!” Reaching up, he touched upon the brim as if ready to pull it off. “I like this color too. It’s so flashy, I love flashy. I was thinking pink but I thought it’d be too much.” A glance to the girl’s outfit and a brighter smile. I think you’d pull it off nicely thought!” [23:18] Now playing: JENNIE – You & Me [23:21] Now playing: Conan Gray – Killing Me [23:21] Tári Mero A’noh (aylee.starchild) she smiled in return to the flamboyant creature before her. What a wonder. “Oh go big or go home, I say. Your outfit is so cute. I think you could even enhance it with the right body chain. It would add even more flair to it. You are the most iconic person I have seen so far.” she said with a subtle bit of russian accent flavoring her words. It was harder to hide since she had a little to drink. [23:24] .:Olivier (obsidianlethrone) looked down as if trying to visualize her suggestion. Lips pursed in a thoughtful manner. “Hmmmmm… Yeah, that might be cute.” Sights […]

Aylee Starchild January 27, 2024 January 27, 2024
CUPD Guide

Columtreal University Police Department Official Guide Columtreal University Police Department Last Revised: 06/26/2023 ➤Overview The Columtreal University Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency and exists to provide an additional layer of security and law enforcement to the Columtreal University campus, and community. The CUPD is responsible for safety and security both on the main campus, all CU owned properties, and the immediate area around CU. ➤Employment Working for CUPD Working for the Columtreal University Police Department does not allow for employment with any other law enforcement agency within Hathian Parish or Laveau Parish. These agencies are as follows: Hathian Police Department Laveau Parish Sheriff’s Office (BW Sheriff’s) Laveau Parish Prison (BW Prison) OOC Note: Members of the CUPD may not be part of a criminal faction during their time in CUPD. Employment with the CUPD requires no active criminal record within [90] days of joining the group. Any member found in violation of either of these is subject to immediate group removal. Activity Requirements  All CUPD personnel are required to maintain appropriate activity to remain on the department roster. Any member who is inactive for a period of 30+ days will be pruned from the roster, and will be required to re-join to gain access to their police functions again (i.e. report filing, etc.) Non-Sworn Positions The CUPD offers a variety of non-law enforcement support positions. Civilian employees may range from CU students looking for work opportunities/experience, to regular civilians seeking employment with the university. Civilian positions range […]

Marcus January 17, 2023 September 20, 2023
A letter to my estranged son

Hey son Its me. Your dad. I know — you haven’t seen me in along time, or much at all really. I just want you to know that I love you. Your mother is a good person. I just wasn’t the husband she needed. That’s ok. I got you out of it, and that’s really what matters most to me in this life. I want you to know that no matter what you hear about me, or how I am — or the way people think of me, I am none of those things before your father. I wasn’t someone everyone could relate to, and people fear what they think is different. I want you to remember that, because the world will try every which way to make you fit into some kind of mold that makes others comfortable with your existence, and that’s not how life should be lived. Not if you’re doing it right. Be yourself first, always. And know who’s really got your back. Remember you can always call on me for anything you need. I’ve been traveling around quite a bit lately and have decided to start a new thing in a place called Hathian. There isn’t much going on here that I can share at the moment, but maybe you can come visit me someday? I’m sure we could go to the movies, or hang out and do whatever you like. What are you into these days? How are things going in school? I still […]

Solan Nightfire September 14, 2023 September 14, 2023 art, choices, dad, divorce, father, illustration, love, my son, regret, sketch, son
This is me

Josiah is a 23 year old male who grew up on the streets alone. He is very protective of the ones he cares about and yet very distant at times. He is 6 foot 6in 182lbs of pure muscle. He can come off very flirty and promiscuous. He smokes pot on the daily works at CU Grinders Dispensory and drinks from time to time. Status: SIngle Personality: See above Housing: Greek Row #17 Identifying marks: Tattoo covering 50% of upper torso. Carries: Vape, bong. Dime bag of weed most times, Knife, lil Blackbook, Phone, ID and wallet.

GabrielDayvid Resident August 5, 2023 August 5, 2023
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