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L.L. WAREHOUSES LL WAREHOUSES manages all types of Terminal Operations , Stevedores and customs transactions and transportation for their clients at the Docks of Hathian Port. However, LLWs is not the business that thought to be seen as  availing storage locations in the port for the goods in transit or individuals desiring  to rent spaces for their stuff , it was also managed till two years back by an X-military marshal in USA who was belonging to an organized crime network that operates through the legal activities of the LL WAREHOUSES.  LLWs would be involved in activities such as documents forgery, seduction, illegal dumping of toxic waste, illegal trading of nuclear material, military equipment smuggling, nuclear weapons smuggling, organs trafficking, drug trafficking and political corruption.  These perplexed connections and illicit activities , made Its under cover Turkish Cypriot flying ginger Ashlee Redenblack paying a huge price not to disclose the contraband secrets shared with a  hidden entity and other coastal services network organized crime organizations involved. The HGH simple receptionist sought the help of these entities attempting to reveal the fact behind her step -father disappearance after she inherited the ownership of the LLWs.  She still does not know the main beneficiary who would gain the most by destroying that business of her family  at least inside Hathian needless to mention at the outside front .  She needed to move fast and make the proper connections with “THE AGENCY”  one of the main investors in LL Warehouses and untouchable Business Associate with very […]

Ashlee Redenblack September 8, 2017 September 21, 2019 L.L.Warehouses, Port of Hathian
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