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Q-T roleplay event 4th of October 2014..

Time 12:40PM SLT scene goes i was driving stoned, slightly over the speed limit… in a world of my own i drive up to as far as the carpark there and some loony NPC driver speeds out of Kings Street here making me lose control… i spin and flip the car, not wearing a seatbelt im flung out of the windscreen and slide to here where the car lands on my leg.. My left leg is Severed and Amputated from the car crushing it… <NPC Jake Ronnalds>After getting off the phone with 911: Walks over to the car and turns off the engine, resulting in the smoke dying out and looks up to see a by stander and officer standing there… Mona (1monunka Resident) notice police officer at the wreck and in panic in her eays “Help please,help ,she is my friend,She is live save her please,please……” in panic and shout “Dont wait and do something!” then looks back at body her friend who laing under wreck… <NPC Jake Ronnalds> After turning off the engine and holding down on the girls leg a while his arms aching sees a girl standing nearby asks her to hold the leg… “Hey miss with the boots can you please take over here! I have to go…” The girl takes over and he gets up as an officer walks up… (NPC leaves the scene) Joanne Steel (joanne1979 Resident) reaches into her belt and takes out a pair of gloves and kneels down by the […]

Q-T Trinity October 5, 2014 October 5, 2014 Criminal Activity, Hospital Activity, Roleplay Event
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