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Deah’s Diary- 1st entry- Welcome to Haithian

Dear Diary, When I got out of Drea’s car I couldn’t believe what I was getting myself into, I probably should have followed Quinn when she decided to go to her grandma’s house in Bontom Estates. When I first got out, I got lost, could’ve sworn that I was going to get mugged more than once, and saw some voodoo girl get arrested and pepper sprayed in a pizza shop, I even went around town and put in job applications, trying to stay away from being a stripper but it seems to be calling my name, I signed up to be one anyways. I have a hard time learning. But, from the looks of this place, I had better start learning or my time here will be very little, with no trips to Disneyland. I hope these jobs pay well though, I need to rent an apt here because I think I slept in gang territory last night, and I guess tonight I can sleep in that diner down the street, Idk, wish this place had a homeless shelter…

Luna Haven June 3, 2014 June 3, 2014 Deah's Diary, Diary, Haithian Life
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