Inmate & Bail Guidelines

Inmate & Bail Guidelines


  • Along with Bail and phone calls you are entitled to visitors. Feel free to NPC phone calls and guards during your visit. You can not NPC break outs, poor searches/frisks or the smuggling of contraband.
  • Please, see this link for a current list of lawyers. It is on you to be proactive and extend your RP past this visit with Hathian’s Finest: Municipal paths
  • Feel free to IM any officer to ask for RP. Don’t be shy.
  • Having fun? You Are able to extend your stay until you are finished. This will not earn you extra “points”

[Bail Guidelines]

  • Bail may not be NPC’d. You must IC’ly place your phone call (which can be NPC’d if no officer is available) and have another registered player in CD come post bail.
  • Bail may be processed immediately AFTER the intake and booking role-play has been completed. If a scene is faded to black for time constraints, it is automatically assumed all standard booking procedures (No phones, jewelry, contraband, and successful cavity searches) have been fully completed and identities verified unless otherwise discussed OOC’ly with players involved.
  • Bail may be denied IC’ly by the Officer. If this creates an OOC conflict, the inmate may npc their leave from county lockup and leave a message for a Sergeant or higher in the HPD to OOC’ly mark their exit from county lockup. Bail should only be denied in the event an inmate or person bailing an inmate out has sufficiently provoked the processing Officer.
  • Bail may only be paid by cash or bond. Please bear in mind the financial impact of handing over $10K in cash. That’s why bond’s exist.
  • Jail is an IC repercussion, not an OOC one. If there is truly a problem with being in jail OOC’ly, nobody is going to hold you there against your will. A message to a Sergeant or higher to remove you from the inmate roster would be appreciated if you leave. Keep in mind, players that constantly are in and out of jail and NPCing their release may get “blacklisted” from being arrested. Arrest RP takes time and energy and if you’re not willing to RP out the consequences, then the HPD is not required to arrest.

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