Youth Guide

Getting Started

Regardless of your character’s age, we are still adults playing Second Life. As such, everyone is supposed to act like adults out-of-character, use common sense, and act their age appropriately when in-character.


It is your responsibility to make sure rules regarding youth are followed. If someone seems unaware of these rules, kindly pass on this guide. If you are unsure of what is appropriate for your character’s age (note that there is a difference between an 8 year old and a seventeen year old), contact a moderator or admin. Finally, keep in mind that this is an adult-themed sim and that your presence may make others uncomfortable. Be courteous and make sure scenes are appropriate for you to be around.

General Rules

  • Sexual role-play between an adult and child character is strictly prohibited
  • Nudity in any scene involving child characters is not allowed
  • Graphic and extreme violence towards a child characters is not allowed
  • Players found using the above limits as a way to powergame other players will lose their Youth tag. Your character is not unbeatable just because OOCly it can not engage in graphic violence.
  • Ages 14 and under: Seaside Youth tags must be worn at all times and not allowed in the adult zone
  • Ages 9 and under: Must be accompanied by an adult or guardian (can be older teens and may be NPCs).
  • Teenagers 15 years old and up: Allowed in adult zone with a job title activated, but not allowed entree into adult-themed venues (ie. Twister, XXX Shop, etc.)

Remember, if you are involved in a scene that appears questionable, you run the risk of another resident filing an abuse report against you. Use common sense!

Apply as Youth