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Please give your feedback and suggestions for this business proposal (in a constructive manner!) for this proposer to review, respond to, and take into account should they go forward as the Lead! For more information on how proposals work: http://thecrackden.com/discuss/topic/group-and-business-proposals/

Hathian Motors
By SpankMeMore Resident

TYPE: Official Business

SLURL: Hathian sim

BACKGROUND: Hathian Motors has and would continue to hold events like car/motorcycle shows and rallies, car washes, service/parts sales and sponsorship of DOMC and other sim-wide events. It has become the go-to spot for interaction with the DOMC on the main sims and several of the club's members and hang arounds work at the garage at different levels. We try to reach out to new hires that pop up on the roster to get introduced and figure out how they can fit into RP at the garage and encourage them to come in to be officially hired through RP. My character, Tilly was promoted to and has been functioning as the Assistant Manager at the garage since the beginning of May and I have been able to facilitate a number of different role play stories via the garage for both HM and the DOMC. Though Tilly doesn't have a ton of previous mechanic experience, she does have experience running a business and has applied that to her role there. She has delegated different employees for certain tasks which helps ensure that there is role play churning there for those that would like to participate, be it as an employee or a customer. Since Tilly has already been functioning as the primary management contact in recent months, it would be a natural progression for her to take it over from Jack as he steps back in order to continue on the current story arcs and maintain the status of HM being associated with the DOMC.

UNIQUE: Hathian Motors has its own special niche with the members of the sim that have driving permits, however we have and would also try to include role players who simply NPC having a vehicle and want to be involved as well. Aside from general vehicle service and detailing, HM offers a towing service (and have a truck available) which we've been able to use to promote the shop's presence, which we would love for HPD to utilize it more for their RPs both with their own vehicles as well as citizen vehicles they interact with. While on the outside HM looks and functions like a legally run garage, behind the scenes the DOMC uses it as a front for various illegal activities, including car theft and stolen vehicle part use/sales and money laundering, to name a few. Anyone who would like to "bring in" their NPC vehicle for service or have it used as one of the Club's targets for theft would be encouraged to reach out for RP.

EXPERIENCE: Aside from already having functioned as the IC and OOC Assistant Manager at Hathian Motors for the past 4 months (and an employee since January of this year), I have actively RP'd in CD on a regular basis since February of 2021 and am well rooted in the RP in CD. I have over twelve years experience with role playing in SL, including leading several RP groups and managing sims in various genres during that time. I am presently the Secretary at the Devil's Own MC which involves a number of IC and OOC management tasks for helping the club function.

IDEAS: Tilly and the shop's lead mechanic often make an effort to reach out to those who sign up in an attempt to schedule an interview and processing meeting to get them sorted as a new hire. Those with mechanic experience are scheduled to meet with one of the senior mechanics for a skill evaluation for promotion from clerk to mechanic. The lead mechanic assists in helping to facilitate role play among those actively RPing at the garage by assigning tasks and informing them of work that comes in. We often are posted in or outside the shop while we role play on site to help draw in passersby to engage in our scenes and use the DOMC as a way to help promote the business as well.

OTHER: We've been tossing around the idea of hosting a bikini car wash, so I think we'd likely hold this event to announce that the garage is under new ownership. Aside from sexy ladies (and men :D) washing cars in their bikinis we would include BBQ, booze and music for anyone who wanted to come and celebrate and enjoy the show.

September 18, 2022 at 4:34 pm
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September 22, 2022 at 6:51 am
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