Immersive Storytelling in the Metaverse

The Crack Den is an urban-noir roleplay community in the virtual world of Second Life. Players from around the world develop their characters through the lens of their avatars, writing to one another. Founded over a decade ago, the virtual city and artisan community is known for its in-depth creative writing, machinima, and story-making.


  1. Nadir Taov

    AI-based NPCs using GPT-3

    We’ve been experimenting with GPT-3 to power the responses of our Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the metaverse – in our instance, in the virtual world of Second Life. Located in the welcome lobby of the Crack...


Hathian Louisana

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So High
Syrena- shots before filming.
Shots before Film - Anna
Queenie and Ting slumming
On Duty