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PROPOSAL BY: angellez rhapsody


TYPE: Faction

MEMBERS: PageLawless Resident, SoulJah9 Resident

BACKGROUND: The Hydra is a notorious criminal organization that has been operating in Laveau, Louisiana since the late 1800s. After the great storm that leveled most of the town and its surrounding parishes, the Hydra's crest was almost lost to history. However, the Reignz family, who were already amassing power and influence in Vodou, continued their reign after the tragedy struck and Hezekiah passed away under mysterious circumstances. His father, the "manus invisibilis," passed on the title to Jack Reignz, who then tasked his mercenary nephew Angel with restructuring and revitalizing Hydra. After several bloody years of infighting and chaos, Angel was finally able to seize control and began placing loyal and capable members into power positions within Laveau's chapter. Their first acquisition was Victory's Barber Shop, which served as a stepping stone for their subsequent takeover of the Serpent's Den strip club. Eleri, who is now the group's primary intelligence officer and "Suprema maga," took control of the establishment and turned it into Laveau's most active and debauched venue. Another practitioner in the occult, Cordae Reignz, was placed as the "Rex Veneficus" at Veiled Visions, where he serves as a primary Link between the Occult and the Hydra. The Hydra's primary source of income is now made in human trafficking and espionage, with the majority of lost women being forced into prostitution under Eleri's watchful eye while younger girls are trained to become future assets at Maylark. Overall, the Hydra is a dangerous organization that continues to wreak havoc on Laveau, using their extensive Vodou connections and espionage skills to maintain their power over the town and its citizens. The titles and ranks are dependent on the element of the orginization a person falls in. Operations: responsible for planning and executing criminal activities such as robberies, drug trafficking, and extortion. Intelligence: responsible for gathering information about targets, competitors, and law enforcement activities. Finance: responsible for managing the organization's finances, including funds from criminal activity and investments. Security: responsible for protecting the organization's assets, personnel, and operations. Recruitment: responsible for identifying potential members, vetting them, and inducting new recruits into the organization. Marketing and Propaganda: responsible for promoting the group's image, brand, and ideology to potential recruits and other criminal groups.

UNIQUE: We are currently running The serpents den as well as veiled visions. The serpents den serves as a flesh market where the lost are sold and secrets are traded. While Veiled Visions not only serves as an intelligence-gathering asset but also sells potions and powders crafted with illicit substances.

FLAW: One of the Hydra's inherent flaws is a tendency towards extreme secrecy and paranoia. As a result, they often make decisions based on suspicions rather than reason, which can lead to hasty or ill-advised actions that put their operations at risk. Additionally, the group's reliance on Vodou connections, occult practices, as well as the sex trade can alienate them from the rest of Laveau and make it difficult for them to recruit new members who are not already initiated into their secretive practices.

POTENTIAL ENEMY: The Hydra already has had meetings with The Salopri as well as one of the leads at gumbo gas. There was a brief confrontation with groups like the yummi triad that is no longer active. The rest of the criminal factions will be potential enemies if they encroach on the Hydras territory.

EXPERIENCE: As a long standing member of the crackden, I believe that my past experiences as a roleplayer and my prior experience in factions has prepared me to excel in leadership roles. My ability to make quick decisions under pressure, as well as my extensive knowledge of the rules, will help me navigate the complexities of running a faction. Additionally, my desire to see the sim thrive as well as my dedication to its proliferation should serve as a testament to my willingness to be inclusive as well as craft stories and plots. My history has always been in furthering other players plots and stories as well as fostering environments for inclusion.

IDEAS: As a leader of the Hydra, I plan to foster an environment that welcomes and encourages new players to join our stories. This will be achieved by implementing initiatives such as informal new member orientation like roleplay sessions, where we can introduce new members to our culture, practices, and goals icly. Additionally, we will actively seek out opportunities to engage with other groups on the sim, creating a sense of unity and cooperation that is essential for a thriving roleplay community. Finally, I will work to ensure that all members feel valued and included in the sim by providing opportunities for growth and advancement based on merit and participation, rather than favoritism or nepotism.

February 16, 2024 at 8:31 pm
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February 16, 2024 at 11:36 pm
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