Rader Records Employee Handbook

Rader Records Employee Handbook

Welcome to Rader Records & WKRK – Hathian’s original and only source of all things music! 
(@CDRaderRecords on twitter)

As a Rader Records employee, your duties primarily are:
– Cash handling/register: Ring it, bag it, don’t steal.
– Maintaining store cleanliness: shop area to be swept/vacuumed once a day
– Promoting sales and events
– Being awesome

Starting Clerk pay rate: $8.00/hour
Periodic raises will be based on activity and performance. You may also work at both Rader and WKRK, see management for details! ((WKRK Employee Handbook))

Opportunities in Management
Employees who display a great deal of maturity and responsibility may be considered for promotion to Assistant Manager (starting rate: $11/hour). Duties can extend to maintaining inventory, preparing and executing store sales and events, as well as interviewing/hiring potential employees. ((Those with interest, please IM Lauri Mayfair!))

There’s is one listening booth with ten current releases in the corner of the store. Usage is free, but customers should not be excessively listening here. CDs are to be changed out once a week with 5 albums from the top ten on the charts, 4 new releases, and 1 Bob Marley album.

All purchases are fully refundable within 30 days with receipt, undamaged, & unopened. Used CDs, Tapes, & Vinyl may be sold back to the store, upon consideration of its state.

No official uniform, other than a t-shirt available in the future. Dress is casual, but no nudity, ragged clothing, & employees are expected to maintain grooming standards (aka, please shower). They’re also expected to maintain good customer service; don’t be an asshole. In cases of robbery, don’t be a hero either. Dial 911.

You all get 20% off new CDs/Tapes/Vinyl, 30% off used CDs/Tapes/Vinyl, and 20% all concert tickets. Maintaining knowledge of current music and releases is vital to your job, so use this!

There are three cameras stationed in the shop. One in the corner of main floor (full visibility), one in the employee lounge (full visibility), and one outside (covering the parking lot and immediate walkways). These are a digital feed, there is no tape. ((If you run into a situation in the shop, please post about their existence at least once.))

[OOC Notes]
HIRING: All Rader hires would IC go through store owner & manager Lauri Mayfair, so it’s up to you if you want to RP out the hire/interview, or just NPC it. But if NPC’d, both your character and the store manager will be familiar with each other then, at least on the basic level of names, age.

This is your standard retail roleplay, with all the same twists that come along in Crack Den. Be prepared for any sort of RP to come your way here. It’s a public place with only one private area (the employee-only office/lounge), so with any violence or attacking – use your judgment; not the best place for it, since we’d call the cops, but if you want to let someone rp out their scene, it’s fine. Same with sex; in a public place, privacy shouldn’t be expected, but don’t be surprised if your coworkers or customers are getting it on in the corner! And don’t be surprised if staff or management watches.

Robberies require a clerk present to be roleplayed out, and any major damage to the shop must first be approved by Peri. Minor damage like a broken window, tossing over a shelf, ripping a beanbag, etc does not need approval.

The roster and group are regularly maintained and cleaned; the roster will automatically boot you after 3 months of inactivity. If you are removed from these either in error or wish to rejoin, simply click the Hiring sign in front of the register, and bam, you’re back.

If you have any questions, IM anytime! Lauri Mayfair (@laurimayfair on twitter)

((updated 10/24/2018))

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