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Leslie Trenton: Character Profile official member profile Surname: Trenton First Names: Leslie Howard Age: 56 Marital status: Widower Occupation: Unlisted Locally registered as Employee, bartender, Murphy’s Irish Pub Birthplace: Garscadden, Glasgow, Scotland, UK Citizenship: Repubblika ta’ Malta/Republic of Malta Official permanent address: Tower Street, Swatar, BKR 4013, Malta Registered address, Hathian: La Maison 201, District 8 Height: 6’5 (196 cm)  [1] Weight: 194 lbs (88 kg)  [1] Hair: Ash Blond (often mistaken for grey or white) Eyes: Grey blue Blood: 0+ Orientation: Straight Languages: English (native), Scots Gaelic (native), French (conversational, odd accent[2]), Arabic (light conversational, lots of curses), Japanese (light conversational) Ways of contact Regular: Phone (calls, SMS text, voice mail) Others: Email (, Session IM, Tox IM, OpenPGP Issued licenses: – Driving license (Malta, EU – A, B, BE) – Pilot Licenses (CAA – PPL, CPL) – Radio certificate (ICC) – Handgun permit, HPD CARRIED GEAR Money clip w Green Card, phone, Zippo, knife, key ring, small steel tube, bag of weed/some edibles, notebook, pen. If downtown: Springfield SA-35 Hi-Power handgun, nowadays Sometimes carried: Driving license, ID card, Credit card, Passport, Leatherman multitool, 3x Gil Hibben throwing knifes Details: – Green Card, USA – Phone: CAT S42, Android, rooted ( F-Droid, no Google), Verizon prepaid – Small steel tube: Corsair Survivor USB thumb drive with Tails OS – Knife: Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife – Notebook: Riteintherain pocket – Handgun: Springfield SA-35 Semi-Automatic Pistol – ID: Karta Tal-Identita, Repubblika ta’ Malta – VISA bank Card: Lombard Bank PLC, Malta – Passport: Passaport, Unjoni Ewropea Malta […]

Leslie 'Les' Trenton February 3, 2020 May 14, 2023 Introduction, personal, profile, records
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