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GBTL x The Wytch's Graveyard Part 1

Reporter: Girl Behind the Lens - Daiyu Lubezki

Date of Article & Photos: 23rd October 2023

Posted to the Observer Forums due to issues with the printed edition ((The Observer website backend is currently down))

The girls outside the graveyard

Readers, Daiyu here with a spooky tale of occult investigation that occurred around our very own Columtreal University. Seeing as it's the season of chills, frights and spooks (and treats!) I am delighted that Rachel Wesson and Samantha Smith have shared their adventures with me to allow the Hathian Observer to serialise their experiences. Hopefully, you, reader... enjoy these as well! Turn the lights down a bit, put Tubular Bells on your speakers and I'll take you, along with Rachel and Samantha on a quest for the occult...

This serialisation is taken from the videos available on YouTube and I would encourage you to watch them as well. Links can be found here ((videos represented as chat logs))

Smith & Wesson Paranormal Investigations

We join our two heroines as they set the scene for their next investigation. Rachel, the raven haired young woman, joined by Samantha an athletic blond and her close friend. The girls are introducing their next investigation. Perhaps I didn't mention it, but these investigations do seem to have quite a bit of fan-service baked into them... Reader, I wasn't complaining, I grew up on a diet of Hack/Slash and here I was hoping that Rachel was Cassie and perhaps Samantha was Cat Curious...

Sitting outside Witch Way Alley, Hathian's very own occult shop the girls introduced their series which had been absent for a while as they moved to Hathian. Teasing each other, they established from the off an easy to watch banter that reinforced my perception that they were close friends and helped their audience connect with them in different ways. Some would connect with the innuendo, some with the comradery displayed, but either way you wanted to watch more.

Sam: "Greetings all you lovelies. Yes, we have indeed returned.. Smith n' Wesson Paranormal Investigations. Oh no no no.. no worries, We're alive n' well, just did a bit of movin' 'n college stuff.. Ya know.. I thank ya all kinda n' still being part of our channel, blowin' up the chat. We missed yall too."

A few loving camera angles of short skirts and tight tops later and after plugging Witch Way Alley again, the girls introduced where they were going, which was the cemetery near to a local house known as 'Murder House'.

Rachel: "Onward to the cemetery my lovely ghosts and ghouls. It would seem long ago there was a cemetery all over this area... but the bodies might have been relocated before the construction of this lovely campus you see here now."

The area around the University is riddled with tunnels and on the surface there are a range of graveyards and crypts, including as far as the Observer can tell over by the Museum, over by the BIX sorority house and also near 'Murder House' by Club Aurora. Further as you head over towards the Delphine area of the city, the history gets even darker.

Our two intrepid explorers then continued, after briefly discussing the 'Murder House' history and giving a little bit of safety advice.

Sam: "The college here was once an old asylum, so this area is rich with possible haunted locations to explore. Y'all get ta see the layout of the area, piece by piece before more of this campus is changed in upcoming renovations. But ta all ya ghosties and Ghoulies out there, remember.. Ya gotta have permission ta ghost hunt on private property. Always be safe as well if the area is abandoned. Never go alone."

We at the Observer weren't actually aware of the specific area that the investigators planned to explore. So as we watched the video to make this article we got to see some interesting places for our own reporters to visit.

Rachel: "Oh yeah never go alone or bad things would happen to you! Remember season 3 episode 10 when we visited another burial site? Anyway, okay a little history here, this place we are about to explore is one of my favourite haunts.. it is called the Wytch's graveyard. It is said that a witch was forced to hide in here when the town turned on her. Was she a midwife... or a healer... maybe a wise woman that saw something bad coming? No one really knows but she was killed and her spirit is said to haunt the mausoleum."

With another fan shot of Sam's tight clothing, the two girls were now outside a dried up fountain near this tomb. The place was typically Hathian, but unlike some areas it wasn't full of trash or graffiti, it was just rundown... old... older than the University buildings nearby at any rate.

The two were carrying a range of equipment that outside of their circle of friends and followers might not be that recognisable to others. Although having said that, your Observer editor having played Phasmo on her computer understood what a Spirit Voice Box was at least, as well as some of the other tools such as their EMF meter.

In the background of the video, the first potential surprise. A shadowy figure flitted between the gates of the graveyard in the background. Neither of the girls seemed to see it at the time. The gates were large, wrought iron and rusty and as Rachel and Sam approached, perhaps at the edge of hearing a low sound could be heard, perhaps crying, perhaps the wind moaning through the trees.

Rachel: "If we can get these likes up to 30k then we will have Samantha do an alone challenge inside the mausoleum for.. five.. no ten minutes."

The interplay between the investigators and their viewers on the stream was a key part of the experience and as the girls went in and the challenge was given, engagement spiked. Much like the EMF reader when Rachel suddenly tripped (or was thrown?) at the gate. Stumbling into them she looked around, "Well that was weird!" and it wasn't possible from the footage to see anything she could have tripped over, but neither was it possible to say she hadn't just thrown herself for the likes.

The EMF helpfully spiked into the Orange before settling at green.

EMF Spike

Rachel: "Ooooo spooky huh? Sam we got a spike here to the orange... it might be something."

Sam: "Things are already heatin' up here and we just barely made it through the front gate. Ya okay, Rache? Orange? Really? That was real fast, this might be an active haunted site then..."

At this point, some viewers perhaps were in it just for the lacy panties Rachel wore, or the loving cleavage shots of Sam, but perhaps many were in it for the mysteries and while your Observer Editor is not claiming to have seen spooks or spirits herself, she certainly has experienced her fair share of scares and frights, some of which were impossible to rationally explain.

Rachel explained her fall as a trip, but there wasn't anything obvious that could have tripped her. Losing part of her skirt on a metal railing (Gods, the fan service is intense in this series!) they continued onwards.

Rachel: "Did it just get colder in here suddenly? I can feel it getting colder maybe the ghost is nearby? Well my lovely ghouls... this is a wonderful place, can you feel the icy hand of death so close and yet just out of reach? Let's explore this place and if you see something I miss comment and tell me the time, so I can check it out when I review the footage later. You all are so awesome!"

Samantha monitoring the social media likes coming in was quite to call out that the viewer's thought they had spotted something. A shadow, flitting in to the mausoleum. Perhaps the same shadow that had been seen out by the gates, "Hey, Rache, the viewers said they saw a shadow heading towards the mausoleum!"

Was there a shadow?

Rachel: "Oh so a shadow was heading over there, intriguing, did you want to go in and check it out Sam? Well since your viewers caught it you should go explore that place and I will poke about out here alone for a bit."

The camera 'explored' over Samantha's backside... Every panel of this 'comic' designed to increase both the creepy factor, but also the sexual tension. It was very much in the style of some of those comics I had been brought up on.

Rachel: "Now now viewers.. behave yourselves... Samantha is a professional ghost hunter and would never do a hunt in a string bikini unless the likes are up over 100k! So my little minions... shall we look at the tomb or do you wish to follow the lewd Samantha some more? Just remember we will be holding a contest soon for one of our lucky viewers to come on a hunt with us at a local haunted location this October.. the lucky person will get to spend all day and night with Samantha and yours truly, so pack a sleeping bag and your ghost gear for a spooky good time. But to enter you need to donate one dollar to Seaside who help to look after Hathian youth!"

A contest? Everyone loves a contest! If you, reader to this series are interested, do reach out and make the donation to Seaside ((ICLY you can contact Rachel (rhavin.sinister) to confirm you've made a donation!)) We've had plenty of articles about Seaside as well, if you want to see where your money is going.

As our intrepid ghost hunters counted their likes (perhaps secondary to their EMF readings!) they continued forward towards the tomb's doors. The EMF reader flickering between yellow and orange.

At the doors

Rachel: "Very interesting. Maybe we should go in and check it out. Maybe I will met another ancestor or fellow sister." After trying the doors that seemed stuck she continued, "I...I think they are stuck Sammie.. give me a hand." The two struggle with the door and it eventually pops open, not before Sam's pushing gives way and she bumps her chin into it leaving a little bit of blood on her lip!

Going into the Crypt

Rachel: "Damn it Sammie we can't get hurt on these adventures, let me see your lips. It's not that bad but still here. Now now fans... you know it is best to stop that bleeding as it not only could get infected but could draw out vampires. We don't need any blood sucking vamps lip locking with Samantha... or do we?"

The fans, as perhaps expected seemed not to mind that at all. The comments were 'hell yay' or 'let Sam get lip sucked', and 'Tell Sam I will suck her'

Rachel: "Oh my little spooklings are such perverts... I love you all so dearly. Looks like no one has been inside for like thirty years or more." As she stepped into the entrance she turned to Sam, "Oh Sam, I am getting a bad feeling about this... I can sense something is down there in the darkness and I... love it."

Well... they wouldn't be great ghost hunters if they ran at the first sign of trouble right? Stay tuned for part II where we see what is down in the crypt and whether Sam and Rachel have anymore skin to show that they've not already!

((Images courtesy of Rachel / Samantha. Stay tuned for Part II; only in the Observer! chat logs, showing all the fan service and more, available on request from Daiyu / Rachel / Sam))

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