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GBTL x Blue Balls Ambulance

Reporter: GBTL - Daiyu Tang
Photo Credit: Maxine Montgomery

Posted to the Observer Forums due to the Print Edition still not able to be produced.

Note that the author, wishes you to know that her sources, other than the photo credit above, will not be revealed. The aim of this story is not to embarrass the FDH, but rather draw attention to the despicable act of interfering with their vehicles and also the declining reputation of the TT as a place where you can go in safety and achieve what you paid for.

Dear reader,

As some of you will know *GBTL* loves to get in trouble with the FDH. For those of you who don't, refer to my yoga picture on an FDH Engine that had been parked in the sea. Anyway, today I wanted to bring you a short report about an alleged robbery and theft of an FDH vehicle. GBTL does not encourage such acts against the FDH, who as Blue Light responders without handcuffs and batons, cannot trouble you, but can save you. Sometimes, perhaps as in this case, they bring about some of the consequences on themselves, but... stealing their stuff, no. Someone will need that and one day it might be you. Ok? Also, FDH staff, don't drive your work vehicle to a strip club... It's just.. tsk.


So, here is what the tips got me today, something I've confirmed with another source and seen the photographic evidence. I've also doorstepped who I think is the alleged robber and thief, so without further ado... enjoy...

The anonymous tip and FDH respond

A firehouse employee was caught with his pants down as he was accosted by a stripper at Titty Twisters. Thinking he was getting a private dance a paramedic from FDH found himself tied to some wall art while being ground on by a sexy mysterious stripper. She got him all fired up leaving him with blue balls before leaving the strip club with his keys and driving off around Haithian for fun leaving the Paramedic tied up and helpless.

The paramedic managed to get free by pressing the emergency button that he still had on his work belt. Alerting his emergency service partners to come and find him and break him free. The ambulance was later found with no damage, and nothing stolen from within. It was returned to the Firehouse for a clean.

An employee of the FDH who was not authorised to be named in the media said to me that "The incident took us all by surprise the team member involved has been dealt with in line with local rules. The two strippers still remain at large, and we would like to remind you that theft of an emergency service vehicle can lead to strict punishment"

Sourcing the tip

So, well... that's an interesting statement and a story. GBTL support that piece about not taking equipment, you're going to go away for a long time if they catch you. Far better to steal Jax's bike or something. I hear he leaves it around and it's 'hot property'. Sorry too soon?

Anyway, at the RIZE event on the 17th, I had a chance to accost the lady I believe was involved in this robbery and theft. Sadly, but as you might expect, she didn't want to admit it, but hell, she was sure shifty... I'm 75% confident, which is probably a better suspicion than half the arrests in Hathian at least.

So, there we go readers... Stay safe, don't take your car keys with you to strip clubs and whatever you do, don't get tied up by those strippers, who right now are laughing all the way to the Bank with your wallet and so on.

Keep sending your tips and stories in and I will do my best to investigate, prove or disprove and publish!


((Shorter reader article - thank you to those involved!))

September 18, 2022 at 11:19 am
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