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The Proposal/Feedback Phase is an important part of faction development and approval, so please read this over and ask questions, express what you like, give suggestions you have, advice on what may or may not work based on your experience, etc. Keep in mind that admins do not necessarily need to be convinced to approve it, as a faction without potential wouldn't even be posted. Feedback means both support and giving what you see could help shape their faction story and place in the community!

The Hoppers
By slowlywerot Resident

TYPE: Faction

MEMBERS: simpkin, darkangel2.sweetwater

BACKGROUND: The Hoppers and their friends are the typical family of miscreants and misfits one does not want to meet, difficult to reason with and prone to violence. Many inspirations were found in the Firefly family of House of 1000 corpses and similar movies. The idea was to bring more thrill to the community, one maniac with a knife in the shadows is creepy but can be countered, now a bunch of those maniacs, socially not even developed enough to feel compassion, that should be a little nightmare, even for a cop or other gang member. So in the past the Hoppers lived their violent and cannibalistic lifestyle until an angry mob burned down their farm and they had to scatter to survive and slowly gather again in Hathian to build a new home and take revenge on society for what they had to endure (in the Hoppers POV) So this is no typical gang, there is no cash flow, gang goals, no whores or drugs or ranks. The Hoppers just take what they like or need while believing in the law of nature and the idea of survival of the fittest. And in their simple mindset, the world is divided in black or white. Anyone is either a Hopper(friend) or prey/rival predator.

UNIQUE: The Hoppers have no business, but the Hopper women might be sent to sell fresh questionable meat to businesses in the city.

FLAW: The main flaw are the characters themselves, Ain cannot read or write or count much beyond three, he is not able to speak normally as his lips have been cut off and not intelligent enough to craft complex plans but relies on instinct. I do not want to speak for the others, but all Hoppers so far have major flaws in the character setup and adding to that they have low discipline and structure, so often stand each other in the way. As they are no normal gang, they also have low financial backup to pay bail or gear, not even all of them have phones still.

POTENTIAL ENEMY: Anyone can be involved, most times as enemy. Of course recruitment is a bit more difficult and we are careful to take in people to maintain the low level of trouble we kept so far and clearly want quality over quantity. So people who want to join the faction might be just kindred and taken in as friends or in rare cases marry into the family like Honey Hopper did, or if we trust the player it can be a Hopper by birth that just traveled later to the city.

EXPERIENCE: Well the Hoppers are a highly aggressive group ICly, most encounters result in fights, but so far we managed, at least as far as I know, to not cause a single issue or Mod call on a Hopper. So I guess that shows that not only I as lead but the whole group are chilled people that want to donate fun and not drama. But as always, communication is the key, not to jump people that might want no trouble and such things.

IDEAS: Well anyone standing around can be a potential victim to be robbed/raped/mugged/tortured ot whatever, depending on peoples wishes. First of all, if you are a victim player, it helps not to only stand in crowded areas, predators usually avoid those but be a bit dumb and take the shortcut through the dark alley 😉 Other then that, an important point is, we want to give. We want to give thrill, excitement, a little horror. We do not want to take from you or ruin, maim or kill your character unless that is something YOU want as dark RP experience. So we Hoppers never try to inflict some torture or whatever on you if you do not want that, here communication is important and knowing what you want. But we also usually give countless loopholes for people to escape and play no perfect predators, but if the victim chooses to not escape, we will get in your IMs and ask what kind of scene and outcome you desire. We want you to log with a smile after the roleplay and no bad feeling of any kind.

May 22, 2022 at 6:42 pm
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