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By Cevris Resident

TYPE: Coffee Shop

SLURL: Teleport

BACKSTORY: I wish to become the lead for Get Woke, and existing business. Background: Get Woke coffee has been in a staple in college life, with coffee being the #1 legal drug consumed by students, faculty and the occasional drifter or Haithian resident! With no competition outside the campus, the coffee shop should flourish and offer fresh coffee, breakfasts and other drinks! And who's better to offer some fresh twists than a freshman on campus! Unique: Being the only coffee shop on campus, it offers not just hot and cold drinks, but also pastries, sandwiches and other food items, along with anything the employees of the places can scrounge up at customer's requests. Offering a place for students and faculty to mingle in the small shop. EXP: I am a veteran RPer with little experience in CD, but with Get Woke being the only business I work at, my face as been recognized with the place, and I spend many hours behind the counter, chatting up customers and inventing new drinks and foods items. I believe I can be a great lead to the place, mostly due to the enthusiasm and availability. Flaws: Work with Others: A coffee shop is a neutral meeting grounds, where all are equal and un-judged, expect for which coffee they drink. The barisas working here are fun people, ready to mingle and chat up everyone who comes into the shop, asking questions and offering rumors around campus grounds. Ideas: Making the coffee shop a place for all to come and enjoy casual conversation, and perhaps share ideas and rumors, enhancing the RP in other parts of the CU. Much like other coffee shops it can bring in students doing their homework, or instructors needing their hit of caffeine before or after a class. Events could be organized in the future, but as a small cafe, it would be used to chat, relax and bring people together.



IDEAS:Being active on both Discord and the forums, asking for advice and perhaps making collaborations with other businesses in order to have more activity on campus.


December 3, 2023 at 12:34 pm
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December 3, 2023 at 6:39 pm
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