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sabrina morningstar


By scrounge13 Resident

TYPE: Official Business


BACKGROUND: As the person who has unofficially been managing the Wiener Wagon, with the help of other member of the Hathian Harlots, the Wiener Wagon will continue to serve as an underground hub for hookers, strippers, porn stars , and every sex worker in Hathian to congregate in safety, discuss their day to day lives, and pick up new potential clients. It will also serve as the best damn hot dog stand in all of Hathian, featuring both original and exotic sausages made from local wildlife. As amazing as our sausages are, the real reason we stand out from all the rest is the quality of our buns! As far as events go, there has been an idea tossed around that we should host a hot dog eating contest with some suggestive twist. We haven't decided what that twist should be yet, but regardless, I plan to make that happen. Making new employees feel included will be one of my top priorities, and since taking over as the lead for Hathian Harlots, I've done my best to not only give new members opportunities to roleplay with my character directly, but I have made a point to introduce them to other members of the community as well, helping them to craft new storylines in and around their gang activites. Replace the word "gang" with business, and that's what I intend to continue to do. As previously stated, my character has already taken an active role as the unofficial owner of the Wiener Wagon, using the business as a front to launder the earnings from his Union of Whores. It has also proven a reliable recruiting ground for those that work around Bourbon Street, and the Waterline. While it will not be mandatory, Matthew will encourage members of the Hathian Harlots to join the business roster for a cut of the earnings from the stand.

UNIQUE: The Wiener Wagon has already started to garner a reputation among some citizens of Hathian as a hub for the local sex trade. The alleys in and around the building function as an outdoor brothel at times. The makeshift smoke lounge in the back corner is regarded as a "members only" area for sex workers, and business collaborators, where characters are encouraged to talk about business, and bring up their day to day greivances.

EXPERIENCE:From a past sim, I bring my experience as both an admin and storyteller to the table. While the sim was a small one, averaging about 15 people on sim during prime time, and about 60 members overall, I believe this makes me the perfect candidate when it comes to managing a small RP group. In the time since I returned to playing at Crack Den, my experience as a leader has only grown, and while I have had to sacrifice some of my own personal storylines for the sake of group management, I understand that above anything, it is my job to provide players with new experiences and opportunities in order to help them build their own unique stories.

IDEAS:As previously stated above, it is my intent to not only provide new players with scenes involving my own character, but to use those scenes as an opportunity to introduce them to other characters with which they could create new connections and stories that further serve their characters' ambitions and interests.

OTHER:I think a laid-back cookout would serve as the best grand re-opening, providing a large window of time for characters to come down and meet both my character, and other employees. I might even consider putting up a makeshift stripper pole, just to sell the whole sex appeal, depending on if I have some players interested in that role.

September 27, 2023 at 10:47 am
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September 28, 2023 at 7:17 am
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