1. audrina-tolsen

    You Need It, We Have It

    Located near the center of town on Berthier Street is one of Hathian’s local treasures, Clam Convenience Store. Every town needs its grocery store and Hathian prides itself in having the best! This little shop, owned and operated by Hathian local, Poe Henusaki has got whatever you need and is open twenty-four...
  2. audrina-tolsen

    Everything Looks Better On A 59 Foot Screen!

    Looking for something fun and exciting to do on the weekend? Well swing by the Hathian Movie Theater to catch the latest movie releases! The theater has been around longer than anyone can remember. The theater offers a variety of movies for all citizens to enjoy, comfortable seating and is...
  3. audrina-tolsen

    “Shut Yer Pie Hole…”

    What town would be complete without its very own pizzeria? The Pie Hole has been around for years, offering delicious hand tossed pizza to the citizens of Hathian. Whether you like your pizza with cheese only or a little of everything, this pizzeria offers a variety of toppings to fulfill the...
  4. audrina-tolsen

    Tattoos, Piercings and General Abuse

    If you’re looking to get premier, top of line tattoos or piercings, Hathian’s local tattoo shop is where you need to be. Poison Apple Tattoo Parlor is a historic spot in the city. Poison Apple offers a wide variety of tattoos and piercings to suit anyone’s taste. Not ready for...
  5. audrina-tolsen

    Hoses Ready and Putting Out Fires

    Some of Hathian’s finest rank among the Hathian Fire Department. The heroic acts of the local Fire Department are legendary among the citizens. Always there for the city to count on in disastrous times, whether it be reaching out to families in need after the notorious Hurricane Katrina or being...
  6. audrina-tolsen

    Hungry? Gein Burger Has Got What You Need

    Featured in the heart of Hathian, Louisiana is the single most iconic brand, Gein Burger. While the building itself has changed with the times, one thing has remained the same, the best burger in town. Nothing compares to a juicy, freshly grilled burger from Gein. Using only the best ingredients...
  7. audrina-tolsen

    Better Than Your Mom’s…

    The title really says it all. Hathian’s little bakery, better knows as Berthier Street Bakery has become a treasured spot in the city. If you have a sweet tooth you must stop by. The bakery is located in the heart of Hathian, right across from the local gas station. For years...
  8. audrina-tolsen

    Old Fashioned Down Home Cookin’

    Cheeseburgers and fries? Steak and shrimp? Bacon and eggs? Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie? If you’re hungry for some ‘from scratch’ cooking, look no further. Nestled near the shore of Hathian sits one of the most profitable businesses, Slim Goodies Diner. Slim Goodies has been a staple in the diet of...