I know I have not gotten to RP with many of you, but I thought I would place this here for a reference for what I have been RPing as expectations when Lozen has or had a shift what one might find entering the HPD.

As a receptionist/dispatch, it was Sergeant Zero who assigned Lozen the tasks of:

  1. Cleaning the offices (both upstairs and downstairs), the bull-pen, & interrogation area.
    1. To add more realism to this: the areas are cleaned of trash, dusted, wiped down (other than perhaps stacking files on a desk, she does /not/ disturb paperwork due to organized chaos some people prefer to work under), swept, & mopped with a lemon-scented cleaner. The glass of the interrogation room & front desk glass are also cleaned.
    2. She does clean the locker room area.
    3. The bottom floor and cell area she does /not/ clean as it was indicated to her this was a Rookie-job. Or perhaps now that there are a growing number of Civvie positions, then this could be work of Rookies & Correctional staff- not my call.
  2. Based on RP needs, I will RP out sending out a company email as I did previously about the protest at the Grind. I will always ensure to post it here in email form and send it directly to as many people as I can in notecard form (in case this venue isn't checked enough) to those in Brass or potentially effected Officer / Detective positions. I will link this post as I did the previous time as well. In addition to posting it in the Police group chat. If there are any amendments you would prefer me to expand on in this area, please let me know.
  3. Filing.
    1. I regularly RP that there are files left at her station from the previous shift Officers / Detectives.
      1. Lozen will organize these in the following manner.
        1. Badge number assigned to the case
        2. Alpha-numeric case number
        3. She will add sticky slim arrow markers that are color-coded to the jackets to assist the Officers / Detectives for quick related information when they pull their files based on information found in the computer database. The Coding system is simple: Green, Yellow, Orange, & Red
          1. Green arrow: Citation or Bail has been paid in the assigned case
          2. Yellow: Pending payment for Citation or Bail in the assigned case
          3. Orange: APB(s) are active in the assigned case
          4. Red: Warrant(s) are active in the assigned case
  4. She /always/ cleans up the refreshment tables.
    1. Old donuts are thrown out given the Departmental expenditures for newer donut delivery
    2. Sugars, Sweeteners, tea bags, powdered creamer containers, local honey container, stirring straws, napkins & plastic bottled water is stocked (the latter in cases beneath the tables)
    3. Hot water for tea kept in the thermal containers & Fresh Coffee* is made
      1. *Coffee will vary based on what she brings in. The front table will often have a flavored milder coffee type and the back table will hold dark roasts
        1. Examples: Hazelnut & Death Wish Coffee (last week), Caramel Mocha & French Roast (currently)
  5. She will provide food to the prisoners if there are no HPD or Outsourced Prison Guard Staff is not available
    1. Per instructions from Sergeant Zero, she does follow the guideline of the food consisting of pre-delivered products
      1. Wedge-cut sandwiches: Ham & American cheese or Turkey & Swiss
      2. Juice box choices: Apple, Orange, & Fruit Punch
  6. Box of Shredded materials. There will usually be a box of materials to be shredded with the clippings thrown out. This is again done inside the NPC'd storage closet that is a re-purposed closet in that venue space which is located in the back of the "darkroom" on the other side of the interrogation room since there is no actual supply closet area.


IF there is anything else you would like to see me add for further realism that fits into my role in the department, please feel free to advise. IF you simply want to roll with what I've stated above as expectations when Lozen is on shift, please do so.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Lozen Gregorv