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Students and faculty of Columtreal University in Black Bottom… for important guides and details, visit

{CU Official Business Proposal} CU Medical Clinic

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sabrina morningstar


By Zofia Lewandowska


IC Information



Welcome to the university clinic. You have done well to choose our facility, and we will do our best to help you. The University wants to have healthy students, professors, and citizens because that is the only way to create a healthy and progressive environment conducive to the best learning outcomes!


We will not let you down, our nurses, doctors and even our head staff is here for you. Your pain and wounds and health issues will be in good hands of our personnel.



We offer the following services, which are not limited to


Health checks, which are very popular with students

Vaccinations, be protected against all diseases that could bring you down and affect your academic performance

Experimental vaccinations, be part of something bigger, help others and society and science

Health consultations, we will advise you on how to be healthier

Psychology consultation with students and professors who might be under big stress from many reasons

Assisting the police with the correction of prisoners by modern psychology methods in the prison

Assisting the police in keeping prisoners healthy, sometimes a prisoner can trip and break their nose, call us to solve this

Pregnancy consultations and abortions, anyone can get into this situation, you want to keep it from your parents, we can help you, your privacy is safe here

Small cosmetic surgeries, our surgeons can make you more beautiful than you are now

Tattoo removal and healing of long-term injuries and scars

You're saving lives, you're injured and you're dying? You've been shot or stabbed. No problem, visit our clinic or call an ambulance, we'll try to save you, but no promises!

Much more.... come and ask!


Before and during your visit


Contact us on our phone 999-123-123-123 or visit us straight away or contact us on Twitter

Know your name, your age, your occupation and place of living

Be patient and answer all questions honestly, your privacy is safe here

Get a water or orange from our drinks vending machines, its not so expensive and you will support the clinic

Use hand disinfections

Listen and obey instructions of nurses and doctors, they know what is best for you


Our Staff


Our lovely nurses are everywhere and always ready to help

You cannot find better doctors in US than we have, we cooperate with University and have all science on our side

Head of the clinic helps organizing things and will listen your feedback, its important for us



OOC Information




Why to have such place?

The campus needs more role-playing and stilts for stories. Give players something to do and not get bored. Bring in activities and themes common today associated with health care.


Whats are plans?

Do what we've been doing for the last few months. Health screenings, vaccinations, events like blood draws, having patients, working on prevention and working on science experiments. More activities may come later as and if more staff join. It is important to bring more people who do their own RP within the clinic and support them with potential activities that could happen in the clinic.


How it will help new players?

Somehow everyone starts on a CD, finding a job, making new friends, joining a collective and stories can take a lot of time. The clinic will help new players get interesting RP, earn IC money in experiments, get vaccinations or health checks and advice. All of this could help jumpstart new players' stories! And not only Campus players, but as well Hathian ones.


Grand opening plans?

No plans for grand opening. Clinic already operates, but I am promoting vegetarianism through an in-character magazine to encourage healthy eating which is an ongoing project with which I am collaborating with other players, and will be promoted at the clinic.


The Columtreal University Clinic is a safe place to provide many types of services and assistance to students, as well as everyone else in the area. At first glance, it might seem like the perfect place to kick-start the health of citizens and solve many of their problems.


The site is mainly focused on college RP and serving the students on campus however can be a place for gang members and police to heal, for FDH to take victims, and used as an overflow hospital for HGH.


We would also like to offer some darker, underground rp on an as requested basis such as dark medical experiments on campus and missing students, that can be conducted by staff who wish to do this. Anyone who is interested in the dark story taking place on campus and wants to participate in science experiments, for example, will be offered a questionnaire about limits and desires, and some OOC communication is expected beforehand.


Some examples of shady things and services might be offered


Smuggling drugs and medical material out of clinic

Helps to solve and hide illegal things that happen in prisons and in Hathian

Helps in interrogations with drugging and hiding wounds after

Medical experiments




OOC Submit Information about the proposal and plans


Events may seem like a good idea, but in the end, it's more important to motivate players to come to the clinic and campus and stay there.


I have two questions: why should anyone come to the clinic and the campus and stay there. And the second question is what kind of players are going to be there and what kind of players do we want to have there. And based on those answers, we can plan activities and maybe actions for the future.


I think the chance is in players who are not too into public violence in Hathian, they can play medical RP of all kinds in the clinic, but in a more peaceful environment, but still be close to a dangerous place, which gives their stories excitement. This could be a chance for the clinic to differentiate HGH and the clinic.


We already have a list of activities that encourage players to do something and have fun. For some of them we may need more support, like creating an underground science lab somewhere under the university. Some activities don't need any additional support and can be played straight through.


For events, these are the events calendar and Twitter and spreading the word around and using the CD Citizens group.


How to collaborate with other leaders, I collaborated with CU Community Manager Buffy on a Blood Drive for the clinic, which was a great success and brought lots of people donating blood to the campus.

April 4, 2023 at 2:05 pm
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April 6, 2023 at 1:34 am
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