Gang Turf Map

Crack Den Gang Turf Map

Each gang in the Crack Den is assigned a turf to help maintain their status on the streets. From holding their own turf to encroaching others, the turf system is meant to instigate stories and conflict between gang members.

Gang Hideout

Within the boundaries of each turf is a hideout reserved for gangs to congregate and play out scenes that require more discretion. Look for hidden doors and sewer grates to find passage to the hideout.

Gang leaders are allowed a maximum of 50 prims of objects to help create the right ambiance and equipment for scenes (e.g. cages).

Gang Safe & Roster

Gang Safe

Each hideout is equipped with a gang safe. These safes are accessible to gang members and leads are meant to use it to maintain their roster of members. Fully active members on rosters will unlock the ability to contribute their role-play status towards the overall status of the gang; they also have the ability to acquire spray cans, tag walls, and more.

Turf Assignment

The assignment of each turf is at the discretion of the admin staff and availability.

Tagging & Activity

Don’t let other gangs encroach onto your turf and maintain their tags for too long – the admin staff will be monitoring tags across the city as a measurement of a gang’s active status. The less presence a gang has with their members and tags, the more likely it will be retired and their space opened up for the next proposal.