Gang Tagging

Tagging a wall with gang graffiti

To spark rivalry and help promote gang activity, taggable walls are located all around the city.

Earning Cred Cash

Players who are assigned to a gang roster will unlock the ability to earn cred cash. To earn this cash, simply role-play in the Crack Den. Over time and scenes, you will notice the spray paint indicator on your HUD fill in. Once completely green, head to the hardware store to acquire a spray can.

Spray Cans at the Hardware Store

The hardware store is located in the Broken Quarter, on Hathian Highway as you approach the Vodou border.

Taggable Walls

These walls appear all over the Crack Den, across regions. The more tags you earn for yourself and your gang, the more cred and presence you maintain.

Players can click on a tag to learn about a gang’s charter, who is the leader, and the name of the character who left the tag on that wall.

Spray Over Existing Tags

Don’t be shy! When you spray over an existing gang tag, the player who previously tagged there will be notified that they may have heard a rumor that the freshly painted tag belongs to you. Players are encouraged to play up to the drama this causes in-character.

Maintain Your Turf and Encroach on Others

Active gangs will reign supreme in the Den. Those whose tag begin to disappear and remain hidden from view will be retired over time.