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Faction Proposal Guideline

Some of our best run and long-standing groups are those that have been proposed and managed by community members. We love hearing new ideas and offering opportunities for members to propose groups. Once you’ve determined that no existing faction is the best fit for you, create your own. Prerequisites Faction Stages We maintain a crucial balance between criminal and law enforcement activity on the streets of Hathian. To continue allowing fresh ideas into the community, we have established three stages in which a gang can grow into. Before proposing, please understand each stage: Review Process Starting up a faction has two phases. The initial phase, the soft trial, begins with three members. This will enable the factions to organically play out that start process and embrace the story of it. It allows the community a test of what they are putting together so that they can properly weigh in on a proposal with a real idea of what the finished product will look like. At the end of the soft trial the test faction will either propose their gang and attempt to get approved for official status, or they will disband if the idea didn’t quite pan out as planned. To make disbanding more fun and fluid to storylines as well, the HPD or another faction will be ready to come out and give the gang a permanent teardown via raid or assault should you choose. When a faction is ready, it enters the second phase of the review process … Continue reading Faction Proposal Guideline