New Arrival in Hathian

New Arrival in Hathian

Vicki grew up in a small town in the UK with her abusive mother, who often mentally harmed and degraded her. Her father was never around and as she grew older, she would abuse drugs and alcohol and developed an attraction to black men who had a ‘bad boy’ image and had a rough and thuggish demeanor. She couldn’t explain why, but she found them irresistible and began to give herself to them, hoping to find a sense of security and belonging that she had never experienced before. Vicki started chasing a career in the adult entertainment industry. Creating a fan only cam channel and starring in amateur interracial porn uploaded on to various porn sites, she started to make a name for herself.

Feeling like she couldn’t cope living in the UK any longer, Vicki decided to leave and move away to a place that promised a fresh start and new opportunities. Although Vicki was initially excited about the move, she struggled to adjust to her new surroundings. She found herself once again attracted to the thug-like black men who roamed the streets, believing that they represented freedom and a sense of rebellion that she had never experienced before.

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