Hathian Observer Employee Handbook

Hathian Observer Employee Handbook

Welcome to the Hathian Observer – Hathian’s original and only trusted source of news!
(@HathianObserver on twitter)

As an Observer employee, your duties & pay will depend on your position. These positions include News Beat Reporter, Columnist, & Photographer, along with an internship in conjunction with Columtreal University. Periodic raises will be based on activity and performance.

All articles in the Observer will be defined by one or more of the following sections of the newspaper: Crime, News, Weather, Entertainment, Opinion, Interview, Business, Columtreal Univerity, Classifieds (Ads or Personal). This should serve as possibly inspiration for ideas, which can range from covering crime in the area to interviewing a business, talking about upcoming social events, restaurant reviews, to name a few. The possibilities are vast!

Dress is casual, but no nudity, ragged clothing, & employees are expected to maintain grooming standards (aka, please shower). They’re also expected to maintain good attitudes; don’t be an asshole. In cases of robbery, don’t be a hero either. Dial 911.

There are two cameras stationed in the officer. One in the corner of main floor (full visibility) and one directly outside covering the immediate area in front of the door and window. These are a digital feed, there is no tape. ((If you run into a situation in the office, please post about their existence at least once.))

Criminal and Medical records are highly confidential in Hathian, and reporters are not granted access to them. Each Observer staff member will be given press credentials to verify they are working for the newspaper, and thus, may be granted access or information not normally given to the public.


RECORDS ACCESS: You may only include HPD or HGH records in your article if the player whom they are about has given OOC permission. While your character could access these through bribes or other means, this minimizes any OOC issues, and generally, players are willing to play with it. Also, please have a player from either the HPD (for criminal) or HGH (for medical) whom has given you this access or record (either NPC’d between you or RP’d out).

NPC & METAGAMING: Due to time constraints and the natural speed of which stories go with roleplay, it might not always possible to rp out 100% of the information or interviews you might get for your article. As long as all parties involved are okay with NPCing some of these exchanges, then that is okay to still use the information or pictures in your articles, and we do not consider it metagaming. OOC communication is key.

HIRING: All hires would IC go through the Editor in Chief.

HOW TO POST: [link]
TIPS FOR ARTICLES: http://news.thecrackden.com/editors-hows-and-whys/
ALL BUSINESS LEADS: http://news.thecrackden.com/yellow-pages/ (publically posted IC)

If you have any questions, contact FaithTang Resident!

((updated 01/25/2020))

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