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Story Arc: Money-Lending
Hey there, Hathian. I had lately an Idea after reading Jax story arc proposal.
The basic idea is that there would be an institution in Hathian that gives out loans. Good loans, who have fair and low interest rates and bad loans who are unfair and high and lead to trouble. There would be consultants that appears harmless and professional to convince the people to take the loans and enforcers who threaten and negotiate with force the conditions of the payback.
The institution works hand in hand with the HPD and local Gangs to create scenarios, that force people to take out loans, such as arrest for the purpose of letting them bail out, collect protection money or outright harm citizens financially by damaging their property or robbing them. There could be good potential for corruption within the HPD, when for exmaple the consultants enter the HPD to offer the inmates loans for their bail. (credit for that idea to souljah9)
For the structure of the institutions came 3 main options to my mind:

Official Hathian Institution
An official Bank, that has a clean and legal surface but dark backroom business.

  • good target for robbery
  • more accessible for all players to join
  • potential integration in the cred system
  • more realistic integration of money

Unofficial Institution

A private Business like a Payday-Loan Store that operates dependent on the Founders wealth and is set up around him.

  • Mafia-resemblance
  • good target for robbery
  • easier Setup

Gang / Faction

A new Faction that operates like the other Gangs from an already existing Business within Hathian (XXX, Butcher) and works completely in the underground.

  • Bigger focus on dark RP
  • Better coordination for events
  • More compact story-arc

I would love to hear any input on topic and what kind of way to suit the story-arc into this lovely Town.
Player, gangs and businesses who would enjoy to participate either within the Institution or as client of it please contact me ingame (saintbellini) or on twitter (@IndigoRoseBoi1)

June 8, 2020 at 12:13 am
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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