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Kogarashi - July Update


Brandie Carson (brandiekelly resident)


Tori Yamato (Hitori Skyther)

Selena Cain (LittleElf13)

Lena Williams (Inamariguina)

Elben Sandusky (DevBlackRose)

Alex Black (Thecrimsonraven)


Sloan (Nastysloan resident)

Noa Thompson (Rhaella resident)

Billie Myers (Vally76 resident)


Xander (DeaconXander)

Tira Blackburn (Tanpopo Demonia)

Hailey Floral (HaileyMarshall resident

Kali Lane (Jewel Harrington)


  • Noa and Brandie have been in and out of jail for a week. Noa tagged the HPD with the Koga Tag but no reports or interrogations have happened.
  • Brandie received several citations for parking in front of the Gein so she took the citations to the HPD and told them where they could put them but the officer at the desk was being a royal bitch so Brandie lit them on fire and tried to burn the rookie. Mickie Ober hurt Brandie by smashing her face into the concrete breaking her nose and arresting her for that action.
  • While in jail, Mickie took Brandie's car keys and moved her car from outside the Gein to the impound lot and writing yet another citation. When Brandie left she found her car in the impound lot and took it and parked it back at the Gein. Maitso Tran contacted Brandie regarding the Koga tags on the Gein and inside the Gein and basically Brandie told him to stay out of her business and not to piss off any Kogas. She left it at that and fully expected that she will hear from him again now that she is re-parked at the Gein, Brandie has re-claimed the Gein for the Koga hang out place now that she is out of jail.
  • Sloan has been taken by Roman Hunter and it was posted on twitter. Brandie has contacted Roman to set up a meeting. No response as of yet but Noa, Tori, and Brandie are trying to find out more information so we can find Sloan. Noa was able to set up a meeting at the Gein with Roman where a plan was hatched to get Sloan back but they needed to find Sloan's twin sister to make it happen. This is ongoing for now.
  • Pursuing the story regarding Nikolai Niekerk has been placed on hold since Kali went from recruit to associate and the summer time has given availability issues for some members. This is just placed on hold for now.
  • Noa and Sloan are still completing their tasks, which were meant to be long term. Lena has completed her initiation task of obtaining an HPD badge without asking for it or saying what she needed it for. This has moved her up in rank.
  • Brandie rescued Heil Cain after she was dumped by the underground. Heil being pregnant and psychologically beaten down was taken to the HGH to recover. This will be ongoing between Heil and Brandie regarding Brandie's involvement with the Underground and what she knew and didn't know about Heil's long disappearance. Questions were raised regarding the paternity of Heil's baby.
  • Brandie met with Billie Myers by chance on Batterie Beach where Billie is a lifeguard. They had a long discussion regarding Hathian and Bilie met Lena when Lena came to turn in the HPD Badge she had gotten for her task. Billie and Brandie had a discussion regarding the Kogas without naming them specifically and Billie seemed interested since she was a malcontent herself. Family seemed like something she was interested in.
  • The Male box remained closed from the previous vandalism and David Pink has been having pop up events while it has been being fixed. The Kogas are remaining a presence mostly to be a thorn in his side and are eagerly awaiting the relaunch of the Male Box. In the mean time, Brandie held a ladies night at Howler's Blues where she was to introduce Billie Myers to Noa, however, through events that night that didn't happen but Billie and Brandie had a follow up discussion from their conversation on the beach regarding the Kogas and Billie joined as a recruit. Introductions will be completed in the upcoming week.

Gang Interaction:

  • Brandie and Noa met with Lucien and Hachiko of Noir Grim at an agreed upon public place (Batterie Beach) where they discussed old agreements and Lucien learned that Brandie was the new leader of the Kogarashi. Brandie brought Noa with her to be back up in case any shady business should occur. The conversation and discussion was civil and respectful. There were negotiations on how each could help the other but no agreements had been made. It was left that each would think about what was discussed and come back in a few days with either agreeing, renegotiating or declining the agreement terms. Neither gang wants to be affiliated with the other or aligned. After a few days Noir Grim came back and declined any agreements between the groups. Brandie did not push anything and withdrew from any negotiations. She has instructed all Kogas that it is open season on any Noir Grim and for them to find out who is in the group other than Lucien and Hachiko.
  • The conflict with David has led to possible role playing opportunities with Bedlam and having gang to gang conflict. Nothing has happened to date, however, we are keeping it open for any repercussions that may come from the attack on the Male Box.

Group Activity:

  • Due to David Pink making careless and thoughtless remarks about Brandie's husband and hoping he stepped on a land mine and died, the Kogas wanted to give David punishment so he would realize that regardless of his feelings the words he spews on social media can have real pain to the people he says them t.o. Brandie is in a dark place since the deployment of her husband. He had left 4 days after their daughter was born. The anger, the worry and the fear of him dying she has kept inside and it is manifesting itself in different ways. The words spoken by David was like cold water to her face. What if her husband died in service? What would she do and how would her daughter be growing up without a father. The Kogas circled the wagons so to speak and it was agreed they would vandalize the one thing that David loved more than himself and that would be his club, the Male Box. The Kogas felt that hurting David physically would make less of an impact than taking away the one thing he loved most. Brandie, Sloan and Noa broke into the Male Box and vandalized and flooded the building. While he could rebuild, the point would be made. David posted the security tapes and video recording on social media and there was backlash as well as accusations of a MC / Koga alliance. There is no such alliance but Brandie soon realized she didn't care what people thought. She would stand by her actions.

Other information:

►Kali Lane decided that the gang life wasn't for her and went from recruit to associate.

►Billie Myers joined as a recuit




August 4, 2018 at 4:30 am
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