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Lance Logan was concieved on the night of his parents' high school senior prom. The two never married but instead chose to raise Lance together. His father began driving as a short-haul truck driver while his mother began working as a stripper. When Lance was five, his mother left leaving his father to take sole custody. Lance was homeschooled on the road while his father took long distance routes, spending the long stretches on the road glued to his schoolbooks. He not only applied himself to his studies but also gained knowledge about the world from those on the road he considered his extended family that included other drivers, bikers, mechanics, diner staff, and lot lizards. He was a bright student and was able to get his diploma at the age of sixteen.

Lance and his father had agreed to work together as a driving team when he turned eighteen, however, those plans came crashing down one night in Memphis when his father was shot and killed during a confrontation with would-be robbers which he witnessed in the mirror of the truck. Days later the men responsible were found and Lance began a trip down a new road towards justice.

During the next year and a half, Lance kept himself occupied through athletic endeavors, such as weightlifting, swimming, and mixed martial arts training, as well as reading law books so that he could better understand what was going on in the courtroom. After his long wait for justice, the man who killed his father was found not guilty on a technicality and was released. Lance decided on that day to become a lawyer so that he could persue justice for others. He packed his things and headed to Louisiana to enroll at Columtreal University....

March 16, 2024 at 3:01 pm
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