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From a wedding to a corrupt cop…
The web expands...

By: Girl Behind the Lens (Daiyu Tang)


Dear readers, GBTL – Daiyu Tang here. I want to put a little warning up first before you read this human interest story as I’m aware of how strong family ties can be around Hathian. These ties are often the driving force behind the ups and downs citizens experience. For example, we’re still waiting to see if the Hayes story continues (one hopes not) and for those of you with longer memories than I, the Observer archives are a treasure trove of detail of feuds, family disagreements and the every-day and not-so-every-day moments that make up Hathian life.

Today I will be recounting an interview, held socially, with a Citizen who has experienced the most awful events. You will have, or perhaps will shortly see something about this event in the Observer itself, but this interview deals with some of the aftermath. Once you’ve read my colleague’s article on the recent Hopper Wedding of Lucas and Kali Alma Hopper you’ll have seen that within that disturbing event, a female victim of the Hoppers played a silent part. It is now to her story that I turn, with this interview being conducted with her blessing so that light could be shone on both matters surrounding the Hoppers as well as as those involving misconduct of a public official. As a primary witness to the Hopper wedding, I have corroborating evidence of what she speaks and for some of her other claims, the delay to the publication of this article is at least partially explained by the work required to ascertain any further facts behind them. So reader, let’s get started…

The Hopper Wedding

Hopper Victim
Lucas Hopper, Kali Alma Hopper and our witness (strapped to the table)

As my colleague and mentor, Joanne has posted in her article that focused directly on the wedding this was a dangerous, strange and disturbing affair and my interviewee was directly part of it, tied up and used as part of the ritual that Lucas and Kali Alma Hopper performed. Freed at the end by Kali, it was by chance that we met each other later in another setting. After what she had endured and compounded with what I later learnt of her history, I want to say that our witness is a brave woman and I hope that through this interview and subsequent actions, some measure of protection and restorative justice can be given to her. For those who have done her wrong, I hope the weight of Hathian justice falls hard on you.

Her Story

We bumped into each other at Spankys, the Hathian BDSM club. You can imagine my shock Readers, this was a woman who had recently been strapped to a table and abused and yet she was here. Well, I say here, but you could ascribe to her a vacant, detached and quite obviously deeply troubled state arising from these events. This interview isn’t the best I’ve done, but you must understand that it was like seeing a ghost, so apologies that the interview started weak. I’d also like to know that this interview was conducted with another witness present, should anyone need an additional confirmation.

GBTL: “Shouldn’t… aren’t… in hospital?”

‘Jane’: “Why… Why what? I’m okay..”

Reader, I’m in no way qualified to make any medical judgement, but as a human being, see another in need, she was in no way ok. My other witness fixed ‘Jane’ a drink and together we sat with her, consoling as best we could. unexpectedly, ‘Jane’ launched into a dark story, which only part-of-the-way through we understood how it was linked back to the Hopper’s wedding.

‘Jane’: “My husband… He kidnapped and raped me, impregnated me. Kept me there in the cells until I broke. And I did… I broke… He’s a cop. Who could I tell?”

The woman was crying, intermixed with laughs and I wished I knew how better to comfort her, other than recommend she see her doctor for psychological help.

GBTL: “I don’t see what relevance…”

‘Jane’: “He wanted me to bring him girls. Told me he’d kill me and feed me to the dogs… And worse, always worse…. So I brought him girls home… Kali… Lucas’s wife… I brought her home. But her though, I didn’t think… I didn’t think he was home… but he was, he was home, though… He walked in the cells where he kept me and other prisoners and raped her”

GBTL: “Wait, so you brought Kali from the TT to this ‘home’ of yours, which sounds like a jail cell and then you let him attack her?”

‘Jane’: “I just watched it… If I did help her, he would beat me to a pulp and he would have harmed Kali worse… He would do what he did to May… He slit May’s throat…”

GBTL: “Wait, wait… so he attacked Kali, but he’s already attacked someone else? This May woman?”

‘Jane’: “She’s ok, she forgave… and, and, I knew who had him, they let him go. And now… now he will be looking for me. I am pregnant with his babies… Twins…”

I was quite worried for her. Her sentences ran into each other, mixing potential crimes with her story and the time order was hard to follow. I’ve edited a bit reader, but I apologise if this is hard to follow, but if I strip it back, you won’t get the full horror of this woman’s situation.

‘Jane’: “I am… scared. Mostly for my children, they deserve to live even if I don’t, but Hoppers want them… I never, ever, EVER… laid a finger on any of those women. Never. I brought them home he did the rest…And I regret it. I paid for my mistakes. He is planning to join the Kogas…”

GBTL: “Wait, ok.. so you have a husband, who is an HPD officer, who attacks women, keeps you and them in cells and now is planning or has joined one of the gangs here? This story is fairly fantastical, but I did see you on the Hopper’s table… So, your husband isn’t connected to the Hoppers, but they saw you were pregnant and want your babies? Your husband gave them Kali?”

It was at this point that the woman lifted her shirt, and although there was perhaps a small baby bump, there were also four ugly scars, bullet holes.

‘Jane’: “Two times shot, each time two bullets… These babies are a miracle. My miracle. You don’t know what he is like. He is violent, very violent. He WILL find me and I am sure he WILL kill me, despite the fact his babies are inside. Hoppers are after my husband yes. They want him for raping Kali. I paid for not helping her. Kali was already pregnant by Lucas….”

GBTL: “No, he won’t find you, ok. You’re going to do one of two things and you might not like either of them, but I’ll give you this advice, please listen… Either move away as this isn’t worth staying and go have your babies somewhere safe. Or, change everything, where you work, sleep and eat… change your clothes and your hair… You don’t need assholes in your life. If you’ve got kids coming, take them away, safe and away from Hoppers, your ex…. all of it… and Why does it matter which gang he joins? Didn’t the Koga just all get run over by HPD anyway?”

I confess Reader, this was traumatic shit. I’ve had bad times, really bad times, but this woman seemed to have drawn all the darkness of Hathian her way. Why are we so bad to each other? What’s the solution…

‘Jane’: “I cannot tell you everything I know as it involves things that aren’t safe to say. If I told you the rest, I’d be in more shit. With the Hoppers…. They are protecting me for the duration of my pregnancy, wanting the babies once they are born… I don’t know the Kogas… But they’re all much of the same hate…”

The woman pulled her shirt down and pointed a finger to her left breast, at the Jackal symbol that was carved, with a scalpel into her skin and told me what they did to her. I won’t repeat it here, they don’t deserve a minute of airtime for their depravity and sickness.

GBTL: “This sounds just awful. You can’t let yourself get treated like this. Go, get away and have your kids somewhere in peace… I’ll write about this for you, is that ok? Maybe we can bring some light onto all of this, onto your husband… keep the vermin exposed in the light and someone will come and take them down right?”

‘Jane’: “Post it as an anonymous story if you wish. Help someone else, I may just be beyond help at this point… I am really, really trying to make things right… maybe it’s finally time for him to pay for something”

What a mess...

So Reader, let me try and put the facts together, or in effect the ‘1 minute summary’ for those of you who are time-poor.

1) Lucas Hopper married Kali Alma Hopper with ‘Jane’ as part of their wedding as some sort of talisman or ritual component
2) ‘Jane’ was freed after the wedding
3) ‘Jane’ claims Kali was captured by her husband, an HPD Officer and mistreated and abused, including being raped despite already being pregnant with Lucas Hopper’s children
4) ‘Jane’ claims that other women have been attacked and that there are potential witnesses

It appears that the Observer will need to find and identify some of these witnesses, including this ‘May’ individual so as to gather enough evidence to accuse this officer of misconduct. Of course, ‘Jane’ has been advised to report the same, but understandably her concerns about Koga affiliation, Jackals and HPD itself mean that on her own she does not feel like she would be safe, or that her accusations would be properly prosecuted. We will do our best to help her… Reader, you might have noticed that we have not named the HPD officer as to do so would immediately remove any form of anonymity that we have been able to provide. Never-the-less he should be on notice that it is just a question of time until he answers for these crimes if they did in fact take place.

As for the Hoppers, Lucas and Kali? What can we say… their story mixes Romeo & Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, the Manson Family… horror and erotica mixed together into some sort of package deal. As far as I could tell from working with Joanne, these two can pass as normal, well, Kali was normal when I first met her… What will happen next here and how will this corrupt officer link back into this very Hopper story.

Finally, readers… keep your loved ones close, safe and protected. There are too many out there who use the state of this city as an excuse for their bestial urges. For the Koga in this case, looking for additional ‘manpower’, you could do so much better than this man. Isn’t being a gang about family, support and criminal enterprise, not harbouring mass rapists and murderers?


June 5, 2022 at 12:13 pm
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