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The Proposal/Feedback Phase is an important part of faction development and approval, so please read this over and ask questions, express what you like, give suggestions you have, advice on what may or may not work based on your experience, etc. Keep in mind that admins do not necessarily need to be convinced to approve it, as a faction without potential wouldn't even be posted. Feedback means both support and giving what you see could help shape their faction story and place in the community!

By SoulJah9 Resident

TYPE: Faction

MEMBERS: kimikali resident, ysmaystark resident

BACKGROUND: An IC Events Summary: 24th of december 2019, a young Jamaican thug comes to Hathian as a tramp, trying to find his crack head cousin to get him out of trouble. Around the same time, said crackhead's cousin's ex girlfriend, a Malaysian wild cat comes into town, trying to find closure on her first and only love that had left her for dead to save his own ass and ultimately broke her heart. Both are trying to find themselves and, yet the only place that offers them any answers to the questions of identity and existence, the only way to eat is through the underworld of this rotten town. They work for a while as securities for the dubious Lion company and involve themselves in a lot of criminal action for the sake of monetary gain. In Hathian they quickly find themselves surrounded by underdogs that feel inspired by the morals that both uphold, in spite of opposing the law. They start to connect and learn with voodoo practitioners on a cultural level and continue to recruit the weak and broken. The outcasts and victims of racial division, poverty, handicap, sexism and violence are attracted to their vision of a syndicalist anarchist village community that is free and protected from the corrupt and merciless world that they live in. With their stubborn moral principles they make just as many enemies as friends. The more they crave that wish for 'the village.' A safe haven, defended by some real bad dogs from the street. The organizing group that forms is interested in agriculture, of course having certain natural drugs as money crops, but also food crops to create a self sufficient independent community. Many of the group are hardened criminals who do not shy away rob the rich in order to feed the poor and though wear their weapons under the claim to protect their people, often decide that attacking the enemy is the best form of defense., often they don't shy away from causing some collateral damage neither. Ranks: There will be one King and a lot of Queens, putting the leadership in the group while the King acts as symbol representative rather than a leader. The King can only overrule if the Queens are in disagreement. Two ways to gain rank and respect in the gang: Deal Damage and do it smart without endangering others. Or suffer Damage and survive. Meaning Criminals as well as Innocents find space in our group. No cops could ever gain our full respect, as we value loyalty and a cop collaborating with the criminals is a traitor, no matter which side he is on. There will be strict ritualistic rules to be followed by all members, and punishment for all those that put the village at risk carelessly, but forgiveness after said punishment was served. All of us are Kings and Queens. CordΓ© s goal in the lead is that everyone around him, especially black brothers and sisters see each other that way. He's a natural leader bringing everyone together and that is why in the group presentation he will be the symbol, the King. But during in-faction rp their will be no heads being chopped off if you do not bow to him, its 2020 still, and we are using images and cultural reference from a matriarchal society that is ruled from inside, out rather from top to low. CordΓ© will be the only one King, because there is only one necessary to remind each man that they are kings. There will be several queens, because thats who i see in the group, a few strong women that are handing out the tasks and managing the crew, the challenge of sisterhood, rather than rivalry, not to have that king rule your life πŸ˜‰ there is a message there which will show in active roleplay and cannot be written in stone. Thats why we go with what the white supremacist system would call us: ANARCHISTS Apart from that, we follow the Code of T.h.u.g.L.i.F.e established in 1992 http://mutulushakur.com/site/1992/08/code-of-thug-life/

UNIQUE: Shangoya Club. Costumers can expect a cultural experience that is heavily but not only, influenced by the african Diaspora and other minority subcultures in the states. We attempted some mystical Roleplays in the past with Rituals and suggestive Hypnosis with the help of hallucinogens to make the Spirit world visible and played around a lot with cultural symbolism. Apart from that we offer a lot of social themed RP, about root motivations for crime, cultural misunderstanding, how to cope with rape or a damaged and traumatized mind how to define loyalty, just to name a few..

FLAW: They are led by their street smarts mainly and in extreme doubt consult their afro-religious beliefs, ancestral worship and the respective guidelines, which vary in a religion with many deities in between the character. However all character are guided deeply their consciousness and identity defined by their cultural background. Which limits them to accept only members that respect the spirit world and connect with it, and may misguide their action at times out of some extremist notion of sacrifices

POTENTIAL ENEMY: Other Gangs, like the Kogarashi (Rivalry), the Lions (Ex Employers, Story root, can turn enemy or friend, so Rivalry aswell) and more Groups I heard of still in the building. We gonna interact in the Dojo (self defense training) Businesses in Hathian, and of course the HPD (as sworn enemy, no compromise or cop friendships) and HGH (the greatest ally to help provide chemical supplies and get wounds fixed of course), the Green House every weed smoker and grower in town, just to name a few angles that we are looking for.

EXPERIENCE: I roleplay for 16 years, i come from a live-actors background, i know how to improvise and organize big scenes, i can read what the writers behind the characters are looking for their character well enough, to try to please, i can be consequent about my own ideas without being non cooperative. I know the cultural and socio political subjects i intend to tackle very well from my RL

IDEAS: With RP, Club Advertisements, Voodoo Groups, and involving them in the usual crime on sim. We also RP a lot in the Dojo where we teach newbies how to do combat RP. in The gang we would extend that RP to gun combat rules

April 18, 2020 at 11:17 am
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April 19, 2020 at 12:04 am
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