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(Reader discretion advised)
Vivienne C.
Photographs: John Childermass


The Observer team (myself, John and Daiyu) embarked on what we thought would be a spooky night at Laveau's prison creepy tour party. Which went beyond all of our expectations as we waddled through sewage and mud in the tunnels beneath the prison aka catacombs where we encountered the stuff of nightmares.

Killer clowns at every corner, naked women handcuffed to pipes and sexually tormented. Orgies of debauchery. Basically every vice available and known to depraved humans was being conducted in those tunnels.


Good Scares Turned Sinister

When we left the prison party, dirty and legitimately spooked to see a group of individuals disappear through the forest. As nosy journalists and reporters, John and I followed the group to stumble upon a terrifying scene.

Image by Kiprida

The Disciple's Sacrifice

In another article about the dead that were floating in Laveau's swamp, I have introduced to you Reader, the cult of Disciples which has its roots deep into the community. John and I unwittingly and uninvited found ourselves at one of their rituals where they had a large pyre. Staged around the stake was countless decomposing bodies from the swap but tied to the stake was a live man.

Or at least he was when we got there, the Disciples represented by a cloaked woman invited the important and relevant families of Laveau. Each representatives from these groups was given a torch to participate in this gruesome crime.

I shan't divulge further disturbing details, John and I tried to make a stop to this, Reader, but we failed and in the process I was injured. We left the forest broken, and felt that parts of our souls went up in the smokes.


The Man was sacrificed to appease the swamp, and perhaps to empower those groups in attendance. I have to note that not all have taken part, a representative from one group left, and a couple from another disputed over partaking.

I don't know the future of this case, but I hope it will be investigated and justice will be brought upon this cult and those that lit the torch and burned a man alive for their deranged beliefs. Whatever is going on in Backwaters, something is seriously wrong.

November 2, 2023 at 6:59 am
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