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Drugs, drugs and more drugs! Due to the rising amount of designer drugs circulating on the streets, we've worked out some kinks in order to make moderation smoother! Going forward designer drugs will need to be staff approved and are restricted to Level 3 Gangs and HGH Senior Physician*

Previously approved drugs will remain in circulation. Should you have an approved designer drug that's not on this list, we need a notecard stating the name, ingredients, effects and logs of it being approved by an admin and we'll add it to the list - easy peasy!


Designer Drug Submission How-To:

  1. Be a level 3 gang or Senior Physician at HGH*
  2. Name of the drug
  3. Does the drug belong to a specific gang or is it a street drug?
  4. List of ingredients that will be detectable by UTOX
  5. List of potential effects - please limit it to five effects or side effects

Once the above criteria are met, you can send a notecard with all the information to Piper Rewell for review. There is no guarantee that your drug will be approved, so please do not roleplay distributing or selling it unless you have confirmation of it's approval.


Guidelines for Distribution of Designer Drugs:

  1. There has to be at least ONE notecard that goes with every sale or dosage.
  2. The notecard must contain the list of ingredients that will be detectable by UTOX and a list of potential effects.
  3. Ingredients must be easily obtainable in a poor town in Louisiana. So no cobra venom and other fancy ingredients, sorry guys!


Below you will find a list of the currently approved drugs in both Hathian and Laveau. Certain drugs are only distributed by gangs and their associates while some are obtainable on the streets through dealers who can get their hands on them through the supplier.

Street Drugs
Blue Bliss
Nefarious Concotion (HGH)
Truth Serum (HGH)

Gang Specific Drugs

The Rejects (CD)


King Street Bones (CD)

  • Drip


Execration (BW)

  • Phobos
  • Devils Breath


You can check out any of the ingredients for the drugs listed by clicking the link (coming soon) below! If you have any questions, please send a notecard to Piper Rewell.

February 8, 2024 at 11:49 am
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